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Ali Bongo - Signed Program

This was sourced from ebay.

I had been looking for a decent Ali Bongo signature for a while.

This signature is in a theatre program and is a nice rare item.

Purchased:  November  2021

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.58.45.png

Amanda Nepo- "Gum and get some"

The first lecture that I attended at BMC 2023 was Amanda Nepo. 


Amanda was my wild card lecture. Someone that I did not know much about in advance and whose lecture sounded very interesting. After doing a bit of research and watching her performance on Pann & Teller (view here), I knew I needed to see her lecture. An excellent talk on the creative process when building a routine and effect as a creator. I purchased her "Gum and Get Some" and managed to get the box signed along with a selfie. A nice keepsake.

Acquired:  February 2023

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.59.19.png
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.59.02.png

Axel Hexklau - Signed Photos

This was sourced from ebay.

Two real nice good quality signed photos of Axel.  Famed of course for his appearance on Penn & Teller:  Fool Us.

One photo signed on the front and the second on the back.

Purchased:  October  2021


Barry and Stuart - Signed Photo 

This was sourced from eBay and is a nice item.  Quite small at approximately 4" by 6" but in very good condition.  Nice signature in gold.

Online magicians who also had a BBC Three show.

Purchased:  November 2021

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 00.06.22.png

BGT The Witch - Signed Photo 


The Witch made a surprise appearance at the BMC 2023 Gala show and I was able to gain a selfie.


The signed photo was a little later which I gained after purchasing online. A decent signed photo for my collection.

At the time it was a secret as to who the witch was. It has since been revealed and you can easily now find out online if you wish to know. 

February 2023


Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 00.11.35.png

David Copperfield - Signed Photo with COA

This was sourced from Sportagraphs at a reasonable cost.  Mounted and framed and came with a COA.

Looks impressive hung on my wall.

David Copperfield is of course one of the most famous magicians worldwide currently and this is a good addition to my collection.

Purchased:  April 2021


Derren Brown - Signed Photo with COA

I bought this autographed photo on e-Bay of Derren Brown in late January 2021.

A real bargain that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A real bargain as no one else was bidding so no competition.  Many of these autographs start from £35 and this was a lot less.

The signature itself is slightly faded, hence the lower price.  But still a good item to have in my collection.

Maybe when I get to see Derren perform live, I maybe able to order a signed item.  Now that would be good.

Purchased:  January 2021


Elliot Bibby- Signed Card

This is a really nice promo card that advertises Elliot Bibby with his website contacts.

I received this as a surprise and had a nice message from Elliot.

A great addition to my collection.

I have been lucky to watch Elliot on Zoom for a couple or shows and interview him.  Hopefully I will get to see him perform live at some point.

Received:  March 2021

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 20.34.14.png

Elliot Bibby - Signed "The Bibby Bottle Opener"

After watching a few Zoom shows and even interviewing Elliot for this site, I finally got to meet him at BMC 2023.

While I have a signed playing card, I purchased this effect from Elliot and managed to get it signed. 

A nice addition to my collection that has also gained some nice reviews.

February 2023


Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 20.35.26.png

Ehrlich Brothers - Signed Photo Card

This is a really nice signed photo card.

In excellent condition but quite small in size and no bigger than 4" by 6".

Signed by both brothers in gold.  In excellent condition.

Acquired from Germany via e-bay.

Acquired:  Oct 2021

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 22.39.25.png

Eric Chien - Signed & Sealed Magic Pad Cloth

During BMC 2023, Eric was demonstrating his effects on his stall. Great to see him perform close up and to watch him perform at the Gala show. 

As a memento, I was able to buy the cloth he uses to cover magic pads.

February 2023


Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 22.38.53.png

Geoffrey Durham - Signed Photo Card

95% of my autographs are sourced wither directly from artists or have come with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

This was an e-bay purchase which looks authentic though I cannot be 100% sure.  Was a low price so bought it.

It looks authenticate on examination and cant think why anyone would want to fake as cost was low.  Fingers crossed!

Received/Purchase :  April 2021


Hans Klok - Signed Photo Card

A really nice prurchase of a signed photo of hans Klok.

Purchased via e-Bay from Germany.

Actual signed photo.  In excellent condition.

Acquired:  October 2021


Harry Corbett - Pre-printed Photo & Signed Autograph

Harry Corbett was of course the first creator and puppeteer of Sooty.


I was able to acquire a preprinted signed photo along with an original signature signed by Harry which appears to have been removed from a autograph signature book.


This is a pleasing signature to own as I now have all three presenters who have worked with Sooty and Sweep.  



Acquired:  April 2022


James Freedman - Signed £100 Note

A good quality prop £100 note for use in performances by magician/pickpocket James Freedman.

Signed in matching permanent marker.

A very nice addition to my collection of signatures.  

Billed as the worlds number one pickpocket.

Acquired:  July 2021


John Archer - Signed Photo Card

Having worked with John on an interview for this site, the opportunity to gain a signed photo was always going to be high on the agenda.

This was a fantastic surprise when I received this signed photo from John, inscribed "Happy Birthday Martin".

The picture is a really decent size and would be ideal to hang up framed in my office.  

A great addition to my collection.

Received:  March 2021


Lance Burton - Signed Photo

A very nice picture that is about A5 in size.

Very good condition and signed.

Sourced directly from Lance Burton by an e-bay seller.

Acquired:  October 2021


Mandy Muden - Signed Photo Card

Being a fan of Mandy Muden, I had hoped to get a signed autograph/picture at some point.

This was a complete surprise and arrived with a card from Mandy which was unexpected in March 2021

Little did I know that my wife had contacted Mandy and had arranged.  

What is particularly good about this photo is that the card is an older photo that is probably quite rare.  A 90's promo picture.

Thank you Mandy.  My favourite collectable signed photo that is framed and in my office.

Received:  March 2021


Mark Shortland - Signed Note

When purchasing some cards and original artwork from Mark, I received a nice note from him on the card used to protect the artwork.


It protected artwork for "Woody from Toy Story".  A fabulous art piece that was used in the 53 Films deck of cards.

The note thanks me for a show review that I had recently carried out and that Mark hopes that I enjoy the actual painting.  


Received:  April 2021


Martin Daniels - Signed Picture

An 80's looking picture of Martin Daniels.

Magician and all round entertainer, which has included a stint on "Game for a laugh" in the 80's as a presenter.

Martin has of course featured more recently on television and featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us which also featured Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

Purchased:  March 2021 (e-bay)


Paul Daniels - Signed Picture with COA

As a child, I watched Paul Daniels regularly on television on the BBC.

I was able to pick up this signed picture on eBay.  A really nice photo, strong signature and a certificate of authenticity.

I hope to grow a small collection of Paul Daniels collectables and I would like to get some of his tricks that were sold in the 80's.

Purchased:  February 2021


Paul Zerdin - Signed Picture with COA

A nice photo with signed picture of Paul Zerdin with a COA.

Just a shame that as a dark photo, it has been signed in black pen.

I have seen Paul perform at Corby in 2019.  I wish that I had now queued for his autograph but this is the next best thing.  

Bought via e-Bay.

Purchased:  May 2021


Pete Firman - Signed Picture with COA 

This signed and mounted picture and signature was sourced from e-bay.

An original Pete Firman signature.  

Item also has a COA issued which verifies authenticity.

A nice fact about this item is that the tour associated with this promo picture did not actually go fully ahead as was planned for 2020 and was of course postponed/cancelled.

Purchased: July 2021


Richard Cadell and Sooty - Signed Postcard 

This signed postcard was sourced from e-bay.

A signed postcard of Richard Cadell and Sooty.  

Excellent condition and has been on display for over 20 years.  So, must be early 2000's.  Was obtained at a show in Winsford in Northwich.  

Purchased: March 2021


Richard Jones - Signed Note 

This signed general note was received in December 2020 with a signed magic set that I bought.  Written on Richard Jones note paper, A6 in size with gold writing.

The message is "I hope that you enjoy the magic.  Use it to make people smile.

Best wishes


Received: December 2020


Richard Jones Signed Note 2

This is a favorite signed piece of mine.  Written on plain white paper, it is personalised to me.  Thanking me for when I purchased signed posters.


I hope you're pleased with these posters.

Have a wonderful Christmas & keep in touch".

Keep safe, keep smiling

Richard Jones".

Received: October 2020


Vinny Sagoo Autograph

Vinny is not only a magician but a creator who is famed for his NeoMagic website and blog.

A member of the same magic club as myself, the Leicester Magicians Network.

Vinny presented a lecture to us all recently and I was able to make a few purchases from his shop.

With my purchases was a free gift and a signed note.

Received: December 2020


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Vinny Sagoo - Signed Book - "Mind The Maths Magic"

A brand new book on Maths Magic by Vinny Sagoo.

Includes a nice message from Vinny saying "To Martin, Enjoy the magic within - Vinny".

A lovely A5 sized book with many maths effects included.

My review is available to read on this site here.  

Acquired:  October 2021

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