Magic Seats - Martin Brophy

Its not easy to find comprehensive listings online for up and coming magic and illusion events and tours.  Often, you need to be following an artist who you are already aware of and check individual theatres for events.  Even searching "magic" within well known ticketing agents, will only bring up limited results.  This site attempts to serve as a quick reference guide for all those interested in magic to find out who is performing and give direction as to where to book.

As a fan of watching live magic, I used to struggle to find an easy reference to find out who was currently performing and was advertising shows.  I could only find out by using sites intended for professional magicians.  Hence this site, produced by a fan of magic who just wants to be an audience member!

I have been lucky to see many famous magicians perform and hope that this site will be of use to you.  This is a not for profit site.  So no connections or affiliate arrangements exist with any venues.   Run as a hobby.

For inclusion within the listings section, please notify the site using the "Get in Touch" button and provide full details of your tour/performances along with relevant website addresses/url's.