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Chris Cross - "The Geordie Book Of Magic"

I became aware of Chris due to his online presence and magic shop.  I discovered this book after browsing the store of Chris' website.  Options to order signed copies which are dedicated also exist.

While the book is aimed at a younger audience, it seemed ideal for a hobbyiest learning magic, you need to start some where.  It's illustrated by Davey Jones off The VIZ Comic and boasts a foreword by Debbie McGee. The Book comes complete with an Instructional DVD and some specially printed Cards.


Chris Dugdale - "XYA"

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Chris Dugdale.  A talented magician who is a magic creator, motivational speak and author to name just a few of his many talents.  Famed for his TV and theatre work.

The interview has opened up other opportunities which in this case, was the chance to carry out a book review of "XYA".

Chris kindly sent a review copy for Magic Seats that I received late January 2021.  A thoroughly enjoyable book that is a hybrid of content that mixes essays and effects.

Not only has this book been signed to me by Chris, it is a truly unique book to have in my collection.  Excluding review editions, Chris is only publishing 250 copies of this limited edition book.  The review was published in February 2021 which you can read here.  

Romany Romany - "The Secret Life Of A Female Magician - Spun Into Gold"

I was aware of Romany as I had seen her perform on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

A recent edition of Magic Seen Magazine alerted me to the fact that Romany had a new book out.  Immediately ordered a signed copy dedicated to me.

Billed as a story of showbiz dreams, addictions and finding real magic.  The book being for anyone who has ever had a dream.  For anyone who wants to remember how magic work.  Buy at for a signed copy or Amazon here.  Read my review here.

Scot Jerram - "Scot Free"

Scot is a founding member of the Leicester Magician's Network.  Author of "Scot Free - A Journey Into Classically Inspired Card Magic".  

A book that documents Scot's passion for cardistry  and Edward Marlo, also detailing lots of effects. 


My copy is a signed first edition hardback edition that is beautifully presented.  Copies can be bought by visited Scot's FaceBook page here.

For a sample of the book, download the pdf here.  Shared with permission.


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