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Ali Bongo - Signed Program

This was sourced from ebay.

I had been looking for a decent Ali Bongo signature for a while.

This signature is in a theatre program and is a nice rare item.

Purchased:  November  2021


Ash Marlow Signed Playing Card 

Not strictly speaking a signed playing card but was a signed business card that was enclosed with a free gift that he provided after I made a purchase from him.

Ash is a magician who also designs and sells his own playing cards and effects.  In 2020 he released his own "Ape" design playing cards.  An amazing deck that was initially on Kickstarter, though I bought directly from him.


Axel Hexklau - Signed Photos

This was sourced from ebay.

Two real nice good quality signed photos of Axel.  Famed of course for his appearance on Penn & Teller:  Fool Us.

One photo signed on the front and the second on the back.

Purchased:  October  2021


Barry and Stuart - Signed Photo 

This was sourced from eBay and is a nice item.  Quite small at approximately 4" by 6" but in very good condition.  Nice signature in gold.

Online magicians who also had a BBC Three show.

Purchased:  November 2021


Ben Hanlin Poster 

This poster was available to be purchased, signed from Ben's website.

A simple poster that is A3 in size and states Ben's name.

The artwork is the same as the "50" tour poster art.

Having previously seen Ben perform live, the poster appealed to me.

Released:  Not known.  Perhaps 2019 onward as similar to "50" artwork.

Edition: N/A.

Message: N/A.

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from in November 2020


Ben Hart- The Darkest Corners

A fantastic and very well presented book by Neil Kelso, that presents the work of Ben Hart, focussing on his magic effects. While I was originally given this book as a Christmas present in 2021, I have since been able to get it signed. After a Ben Hart show, I was able to get the book signed by Ben, but also Neil. The book goes into a lot of detail, with excellent supporting text and pictures. Very lucky to own this book, and especially now as signed!

Purchased:  Dec 2021

Year Published:  2020

Edition: 2020 UK

Signed: 06-Mar at Leicester Curve Theatre by both Neil Kelso and Ben Hart.


Ben Hart- Signed Playing Card

After seeing Ben perform live on the 06-Mar, I was able to get a selfie, get my book signed and this playing card. as well  Signed in person by Ben at the Curve Theatre in Leicester.


Very nice chap who was patient with everyone who waited to see him, despite the fact that he was probably tired. 

A great card to have signed as lots of room for the signature. Possibly my favourite signed playing card. 

The condition of the card is excellent and was a new card.

Signed: 06-Mar 2022


Betty Davenport- Signed Playing Card Box

This is a nice signed card to own.

Signed by Betty Davenport of the famed Davenport family who founded the famous magic shop that was based in London.  

Dated 2002 and acquired via e-bay.  Granchild of the founder Lewis Davenport.

Condition is excellent.


Acquired:  September 2021 


Chris Cross Poster

This purchase came about while actively looking for magicians who sell signed posters online.

I immediately liked the retro feel of the poster which is called "The Great Magician of the North".  It is created by Erica Flannes, a tattoo artist from Hell's Kitchen, New York.

Purchased at the time with a signed book (please see books page)

Released:  2018

Edition: Signed by Chris Cross.

Message: "To Martin... Magic! Chris Cross 2020".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from in October 2020


Chris Cross - "The Geordie Book Of Magic"

I became aware of Chris due to his online presence and magic shop.  I discovered this book after browsing the store of Chris' website.  Options to order signed copies which are dedicated also exist.

While the book is aimed at a younger audience, it seemed ideal for a hobbyiest learning magic, you need to start some where.  It's illustrated by Davey Jones off The VIZ Comic and boasts a foreword by Debbie McGee. The Book comes complete with an Instructional DVD and some specially printed Cards.



Chris Cross Poster

This poster was being sold by Chris to raise money for charity via e-bay.

The poster promotes his 2021 Edinburgh Fringe show and has a message as well as signature.

Also included, was a smaller A6 version that is also signed.

Released:  2021

Edition: Signed by Chris Cross.

Message: Unique inscribed message

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from Chris Cross via ebay on July 2021


Chris Dugdale - "XYA"

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Chris Dugdale.  A talented magician who is a magic creator, motivational speak and author to name just a few of his many talents.  Famed for his TV and theatre work.

The interview has opened up other opportunities which in this case, was the chance to carry out a book review of "XYA".

Chris kindly sent a review copy for Magic Seats that I received late January 2021.  A thoroughly enjoyable book that is a hybrid of content that mixes essays and effects.

Not only has this book been signed to me by Chris, it is a truly unique book to have in my collection.  Excluding review editions, Chris is only publishing 250 copies of this limited edition book.  The review was published in February 2021 which you can read here.  


Danny Buckler - Signed Magic Circle Cover of The White Mahatma - Samsi S Baldwin

While I have all these 5 stamps by the Royal Mail as part of a special cover, some individual signed covers were issued.  This one is signed by Danny Buckler.  The reverse of the envelope has a signed Benham certificate confirming that only 500 were signed and that this was number 19 by Danny Buckler

Issued on the 15th of March 2005 for the Centenary of the Magic Circle.  

5 stamps that trace the tricks of the trade back to the start of the last century.

Celebrating in 1905 when 23 magicians came together at Pinoli's restaurant in London to form the Magic Circle.

Acquired:  September 2021


David Minton - Signed Playing Card

I was able to get this playing card signed by David while having a coffee with him.

A member of the Magic Circle and  creator of the effect "Executive Suite".

This card is extra special to me as David performed a mentalism routine which involved the Jack for me.

A very nice addition to my collection as it was gained in person with memories attached.


Acquired:  Nov 2021 


Derren Brown- Signed Magic Circle Cover of Do Spirits Return? - Houdini

While I have all these 5 stamps by the Royal Mail as part of a special cover, some individual signed covers were issued.  This one is signed by Derren Brown.  The reverse of the envelope has a signed Benham certificate confirming that only 500 were signed and that this was number 22 by Derren Brown.

Issued on the 15th of March 2005 for the Centenary of the Magic Circle.  

5 stamps that trace the tricks of the trade back to the start of the last century.

Celebrating in 1905 when 23 magicians came together at Pinoli's restaurant in London to form the Magic Circle.

Acquired:  September 2021


Darcy Oake Poster

This poster was advertised to support Darcy's Zoom show of the same name in December 2020.

A limited run of just 50 signed posters.  Celebrating the online show that was advertised for the 19th of December at 1900 for the UK and Europe.  Mine is number 7 of 50.

Released:  December 2020.

Edition: Signed by Darcy Oake in gold pen.  No 7 of 50.

Message: "To Martin, Best Wishes, Darcy Oake"

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from eventbrite in December 2020 when purchasing show tickets. No longer available.


Darcy Oake - "Behind The Illusion" Signed Book

Prior to Darcy's online Zoom show on the 19th of December 2020, you could buy a copy of his signed book.

The cost was reasonable and you could buy along with a ticket for the show.

This took absolutely ages to arrive and I believe was shipped from Canada in November 2020 and eventually arrived in March 2021.

I had pretty much given up on receiving this so it was a nice surprise when it eventually arrived.

Available on Amazon as a hardback book and kindle download here.

Acquired:  March 2021


David Blaine - Signed Playing Card Box

So any signed David Blaine items can come at a cost.  This was sourced from e-bay and looks legit.

A signed white box which contains two sealed packs of cards.  

White Lions Tour Edition (Black) Playing Cards by David Blaine - NEW USPC Signed.


Acquired:  June 2021 


David Copperfield - Signed Photo with COA

This was sourced from Sportagraphs at a reasonable cost.  Mounted and framed and came with a COA.

Looks impressive hung on my wall.

David Copperfield is of course one of the most famous magicians worldwide currently and this is a good addition to my collection.

Purchased:  April 2021


Debbie McGee - Signed Poster Print

This was a limited poster signed by Debbie McGee in conjunction with Enchanted rabbit Magic.

A nice message with her signature in gold on a collectable print.

Like all of a certain age, I have fond memories of watching Debbie on the TV and this is a nice memento to have.

Released:  March 2021.

Edition: Signed by Debbie McGee and numbered 27 of 40.

Message: "Love & Luck - Debbie McGee".

Size:  A3

Purchased: May 2021 - Direct purchase from Enchanted Rabbit Magic by Chris Cross.


Derren Brown - Signed Photo with COA

I bought this autographed photo on e-Bay of Derren Brown in late January 2021.

A real bargain that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A real bargain as no one else was bidding so no competition.  Many of these autographs start from £35 and this was a lot less.

The signature itself is slightly faded, hence the lower price.  But still a good item to have in my collection.

Maybe when I get to see Derren perform live, I maybe able to order a signed item.  Now that would be good.

Purchased:  January 2021


Dynamo - "Nothing is Impossible" Signed Book

Having already owned a couple of signed Dynamo items, I was actually more interested in owning this book, a bonus that it is signed.

It is a book plate, but still a nice collectable to form part of my signed book collection.

Purchased from e-Bay for a reasonable cost.

Acquired:  December 2021

Screenshot 2021-01-03 134330.png

Dynamo - "Avoiding The Straight Lines" Poster Print

This was a Christmas present for 2020 from my wife - Nadine.  As framed with a perspex glass, it does not photograph well.  Hence a pic from the Dynamo website.

A limited edition lithograph poster print that is signed by Dynamo in gold pen and numbered.

My edition is number 409 of 1000.  At time of writing, this is still available to buy.  Now hanging on display in my home office.

Released:  Not known but guessing 2019/2020 onwards.

Edition: Signed by Dynamo and numbered 409 of 1000.

Message: N/A.

Size:  A1

Purchased: Direct purchase from in December 2020


Ehrlich Brothers - Signed Photo Card

This is a really nice signed photo card.

In excellent condition but quite small in size and no bigger than 4" by 6".

Signed by both brothers in gold.  In excellent condition.

Acquired from Germany via e-bay.

Acquired:  October 2021


Elliot Bibby- Signed Card

This is a really nice promo card that advertises Elliot Bibby with his website contacts.

I received this as a surprise and had a nice message from Elliot.

A great addition to my collection.

I have been lucky to watch Elliot on Zoom for a couple or shows and interview him.  Hopefully I will get to see him perform live at some point.

Received:  March 2021


Elliot Bibby - Signed Playing Card

I have had the opportunity to view Elliot's online show a couple of times. 


I have worked within him on a couple of show reviews and also an interview.


In March 2021, I was able to gain a signed card which is a great collectable.


A signed note from Elliot also came with the card which is also an excellent memento.


An amazing artist that I hope to see before live after lockdown eases.


Acquired:  March 2021 

Signed Posters.PNG

Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride Signed Posters