NEW interview out now with Shae Gathercole aka "Shae Does Magic"


Shae Gathercole

(Shae Does Magic) Interview


28-Feb 2022

Shae has achieved many accolades in the world of magic and is already well known within the community. Successfully performing in shows, winning a young magicians club member award and famed for his card magic.


A very active magician who holds membership of the Magic Circle - "Young Magicians Club", as well as the "Leicester Magicians Network".


Not only available for bookings, Shae has performed street magic while busking and has already presented his first lecture to fellow magicians.

Adam 6.jpg

Adam Edgeley Interview

7th May 2021

Adam Edgeley talks about his book, performing and of course the Magic Circle.


Adam is one of the UK's most entertaining and popular magicians and is always in high demand.


As a close-up magician, he performs at wedding receptions, corporate events and parties bringing his own style of unique magic and humour to your event.  He is a natural-born performer and is always excited to put his skills to the test in front of a crowd.


I am lucky to know Adam through the Leicester Magicians Network and I have attended some of his excellent workshops, which includes the cups and balls which we will also discuss.


Alan Hudson Interview

9th November 2020

Alan Hudson is one of the top funny magicians in the UK. He’s performed all over the world including The Magic Castle in Hollywood where he’s performed for many A-list celebrities and Monday Night Magic in New York.


Not only a member of The Magic Circle, but actually a member of The Inner Magic Circle (only 250 worldwide). Seen by over 5 million people on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician and Penn and Teller: Fool Us.


Angus Baskerville Interview

4th June 2021

Angus is based in Warwickshire and travels both within the UK and internationally to perform. Offering a wide variety of services that includes corporate functions. promotional events, and stage magic, including cabaret and close up magic performances.


Studying at the famous Davenports in London, Angus then gained membership of his local magic club - Leamington and Warwick Magic Society in 2015. Followed by acceptance into the Magic Circle in February 2020.


He has performed at the Edinburgh festival, the Ventnor Fringe in the Isle of Wight and the Parallel Festival for disabilities at London’s Olympic Park in 2017.


Passionate about magic as a communication tool, Angus has also performed at Autism’s Got Talent at London’s Mermaid Theatre 2016 and 2017. He is also an autism advocate for Anna Kennedy OBE which we discuss during our chat.


Chris Fleming Interview

17th April 2021

Chris Fleming, a Magician & Mind Reader from London has performed all over the world solidifying himself as a truly international performer.

Blending Dynamo style magic with Derren Brown style mind reading he is a unique and memorable performer who consistently adds value to any event he performs at.

Chris has performed for the likes of Kanye West, Rhianna, Ronaldinho and The Queen of England.


Chris Dugdale Interview

17th July 2020

Chris holds an unparalleled resumé in the field of magic. 14 Royal Performances including a private show for HM The Queen. He has mystified everyone from Beyoncé to the Pentagon,.

Chris is a 7-time award-winning Edinburgh festival performer and the only act ever to win the Edfest Bouquet 4 times. You may well recognise him as one of the stars of Penn and Teller : FOOL US or from his appearances on NBC's Dracula or from various tv shows around the World.


Elliot Bibby Interview

31st July 2020

Elliot is an established act, regularly appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe every year and a master of live performance. Associate member of the magic circle with silver star with many TV and theatre performances.


Adapting to the challenges of lockdown, Elliot has been embracing and advertising Zoom Magic shows successfully and adapting to this new medium. Offering private shows for families, friends and bespoke corporate shows. 


During our chat, Elliot discusses the opportunities that Zoom Magic have made available during lockdown and what the future holds.

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Ian Gamage Interview

14th May 2021

With over 25 years' experience in performing, Ian Gamage is a member of the elite Magic Circle, the world's premier magical society. Ian is also a Merit Cup winner of the Leicester Magic Circle, and a member of Equity.


Ian is also a founding member of the Leicester Magicians Network.


Working in and around Leicestershire, Ian has been a working magician for over twenty years, specialising in close-up magic and children's parties. Ian has worked in a wide range of venues, adapting as necessary to each particular situation.


Ian is able to draw on years of practice, experience, and expertise, which includes being advised by legendary TV magician Paul Daniels. This has all allowed him to hone his skills, both as a magician and as a performer. Ian's particular brand of laid-back, comedy magic puts the audience at ease and is designed to both amaze, amuse and - above all - entertain.


Jasper Blakeley (The Small Space) Interview

9th October 2021

Jasper Blakeley is an established performer who is not only a member of The Magic Circle, he has performed in Las Vegas and is the only performer to be licensed to perform real live four gun revolver Russian Roulette.


Prior to establishing The Small Space magic bar/theatre in Barry, Wales in 2018, Jasper worked in television, and is also known for his comedy acts that includes magician Kockof.


Jay & Joss Interview

19th March 2021

Slightly above average contemporary duo, Jay & Joss present magic in a slick & stylish manor – young, vibrant and witty award-winning magician’s Jay & Joss, have performed at hundred’s of events worldwide. With over 10 years of performing experience, their act never ceases to astound, amuse and amaze.

Jay & Joss regularly perform magic internationally, from American cruise lines & large corporate events to exclusive private functions.


John Archer Interview

24th July 2020

John is a past winner of the Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year competition and in 2019 was a semi-finalist on Britain's Got Talent.  ​ Considered by many to be one of the best comedy magicians in the UK today. As Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller said, “He fooled us”.

He’s a comedian, magician, actor, singer, musician, writer, didgeridooist... and all round modest guy. Oh and a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, that’s about as high as you can go without inventing your own club and making something else up.

Take a look at Johns website and come back this Friday to read more about what John has to say.


Kerry Scorah Interview

29th March 2021

Kerry is one of the few full-time professional female magicians in the UK and is one of the country’s most highly regarded professional close-up magicians. Based in Gloucestershire she is also one of only a few female members of the exclusive Magic Circle, and has had the distinguished Gold Star bestowed upon her – In fact she was the only British female magician to be asked to perform at The Magic Circle centenary celebrations. ​ Kerry has appeared at some of the world’s most prestigious venues including The Magic Castle in Hollywood (the most exclusive club in Hollywood) and even in fabulous Las Vegas, the magic capital of the world. Being honoured with the British Magical Champion of Comedy award, Kerry is the only female magician ever to win the Simpson Shield for her close-up magic.


During her chat with Magic Seats, she discusses the new show, performing with Mark and Richard, how she got into magic and much more.


Louise Andrée Interview

30th April 2021

Louise specialises in close up magic as well as stage magic and illusions. Proud to still also work as a ‘box jumper’ she has worked with some of the worlds most renowned magicians and appeared on TV screens and stages internationally as well as in London’s West end Show ‘Impossible’ of which she also joined the UK and international tours.


She has appeared and disappeared on TV shows such as BBC’s The Magicians, Now You See It & Breaking Magic. Louise loves to combine her experience & skills as both ‘magician’ and ‘assistant’ to shake up the traditional stereotypes of magic performance whilst sprinkling her unique brand of mystique and wonder to any event.

Also a member of the female magical super group "Chicks n Tricks" and supporter of children's charity "Spread a Smile".


Lxke Trix Interview

1st November 2020

LXKE TRIX is a mind reader, magician, psychic entertainer and stand up comedian that performs at all sorts of events and occasions all around the UK. His unique performance style and personality captivates audiences, leaving them speechless and amazed.


Over the time LXKE TRIX has been a performer, he has had the pleasure of blowing the minds of THOUSANDS of amazing people and even some celebrities.

Mandy PIc2.png

Mandy Muden Interview

10th July 2020

Mandy is the only woman ever to combine Comedy and Magic on the UK Comedy and Corporate circuits and has been awarded The Magic Circle Carlton Award for Comedy in Magic.

She has a striking personality with a razor sharp wit and so creates a fantastic rapport, offering a great line in audience participation. She can adapt her show to any type of event and audience from an intimate gathering to a massive auditorium. Having performed all over the world from Comedy Clubs to Buckingham Palace.  Visit her website.


Mark Evans Interview (MEMagic)

24th April 2021

Mark is the owner of MEMagic (Mark Evans Magic). He is an established mentalist and magic creator, creating his own effects and even publishing his own book "Illusory" which he sells worldwide.


Mark started in magic as a hobbyist, becoming professional about 6 years ago.  Before setting up his own magic shop/website, Mark created effects and sold them via other magic companies.


In this interview, we talk about his passion to create effects, his website/shop and his lecture tour/book amongst other things.


Mark Shortland Interview

23rd July 2021

Mark needs no introduction to readers of this site. A popular artist who has achieved TV fame and won many awards, appearing on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Britain's Got Talent.


I have had the pleasure to watch Mark perform on Zoom on a couple of occasions and attend his excellent lecture. A brilliant performer who is most entertaining and is a comedy magician.


Also known for working on cruises, lecturing magicians and of course for creating his "Amazebox" effect.


Mark has previously worked as a graphic designer and still produces artworks, creating his own playing cards. After working in outdoor pursuits, Mark pursued a career as a comedy magician and his awards include various IBM titles and Magic Circle awards.


A member of the inner magic circle, he is an accomplished performer within theatre, close up/cabaret, Zoom and his Christian performances. Also, regularly performing at the Magic Castle in the US.


Pete Whitmore Interview

21st May 2021

Pete Whitmore is a practicing magician with over 30 years experience. One of the Founding members of the Leicester Magicians Network and a member of The Leicester Magic Circle.


He specialises in close up magic, including mentalism and psychological magic. Experienced in entertaining guests at social events either at tables or gathered in groups. Always giving events a personal touch.


Pete is Midlands based and can be booked via his website. Covering Leicestershire and surrounding areas. All contacts and social details can be found at the end of this article. Mix and Mingle / Close Up / Walk around magic is the perfect addition to any event.


Pete has assisted Scot Jerram in the publication of his book "Scot Free", reading many drafts and enhancing an effect called "Playing Card Bingo".


Richard Jones Interview

19th February 2021

Richard has had sold out UK Tours, headlined the West End and is one of the most highly viewed entertainers on TV globally.


As well as being a leading TV Magician, he is also the UK’s most in demand Corporate Entertainer and an Ambassador of The British Army.


Richard has been awarded status of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’ with Gold Star, the most prestigious honour among magicians.


Romany Interview

5th March 2021

Romany has swept the board to win nearly every award possible for stage magic, the 1st prize of the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, 1st prize at Magialdia in Spain, International Brotherhood of Magicians 1st prize in Stage magic and was also the Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year.


She has now published a raw and honest bestselling memoir Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician available worldwide on Amazon.


Shae Gathercole

(Shae Does Magic) Interview


Coming 28-Feb

Shae has achieved many accolades in the world of magic and is already well known within the community. Successfully performing in shows, winning a young magicians club member award and famed for his card magic.


A very active magician who holds membership of the Magic Circle - "Young Magicians Club", as well as the "Leicester Magicians Network".


Not only available for bookings, Shae has performed street magic while busking and has already presented his first lecture to fellow magicians.

scot 7.png

Scot Jerram Interview

28th May 2021

Within this interview, Scot Jerram shares his passion for classic card magic, how he first gained an interest in magic and his future plans beyond the Leicester Magicians Network.


Within the Leicester Magicians Network, Scot is the go-to magician for anything card related, offering mentorship and advice in all areas of card magic, with a knowledge that is second to none.


He is also an author, with his first book 'Scot Free' which is a journey into classically inspired card magic.


Scot is an experienced performer who is able to perform magic at private parties, birthdays, weddings, restaurants, special events and even close up/parlour magic. Scot will help to make it extra special and chats today about his passion for card magic.

T Middleton.webp

Tony Middleton Interview

6th April 2021

Tony Middleton - known as 'Sonic' - is an international award winning magician, author, and a prolific producer of magic shows. He has pioneered the immersive magic show format in London, and paved the way for a new approach to presenting magic for the public. Featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us (ITV, CW) starring Jonathan Ross, and a finalist in The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year 2018, his book Performing Magic, with forewords by Paul Daniels and former president of The Magic Circle David Berglas, has received critical acclaim. 


Vincenzo Ravina Interview

9th July 2021

This is a very special interview as Vincenzo is an international artist famed for many aspects of his career that includes his TV appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.


The interview is a fantastic insight for anyone who wants to know what it is like to perform on TV and the Penn & Teller show in particular. A very insightful chat.


He regularly performs on Zoom, with his current show "Magic from the Twilight Lodge" being a massive hit.


For those who have not seen Vincenzo perform, his magic is surreal, mystifying, and absurd. At his show, you may end up wearing Mind-Reading Glasses, engaged in an experiment in teleportation, or cowering in fear at the might of the Ancient and Mystical Balloon of Ultimate Power. No matter what, you'll end up laughing and be amazed.


When I had the opportunity to chat with Vincenzo, I had many questions that I wanted to ask. As well as a magician, Vincenzo is also an artist and author to name just some of his talents.


Vinny Sagoo Interview (Neo Magic)

12th March 2021

Vinny Sagoo started Neo Magic in March 2018 with a view to producing quality and unique magic effects, that would be used and cherished by magicians all around the world. 

A respected creator of magic effects who after 15 years as a Lawyer, decided to shred the law books and focus on entertaining. Learning his first trick when he was just 8 years old, and since then, has invented somewhere in the region of 300 tricks.