Leicester Magicians Network

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Congratulations to the Leicester Magicians Network who celebrated their first anniversary in October 2021.

Magic Seats is proud to be a member of the Leicester Magicians Network.

Read below to find out more about our club...

Whilst we all love and respect the traditions of ‘older’ magic societies, they can be sometimes intimidating to new members. The four founding members of the Network all shared a similar philosophy and it was something that they are all passionate about, particularly in bringing on the next generation of magicians.


This is why the founders thought long and hard about the mission statement:


“To Create A Magic Community Where Everyone Who Is Passionate About Magic Is Welcome, Built Around Trust, Friendship and Support, And Aiming to Help All Members to Be the Best They Can Be.”

Club Facilities

The club runs a mixture of virtual and in person meet ups.

In September 2021, we started meeting at our brand new club rooms at The Leicester Railwaymen's club and Institute.

The facilities include a large seating area, stage, bar and sound system. 


Website and Blog

The LMN club has its own website to advertise events and it has recently launched a very active blog.

Posts are a few times a week and include upcoming events, reports on club number and member profiles and interviews.

Visit the website here and the blog

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Recent photos of the in person club meet ups.


Meet the Founders

Recent Lectures/Workshops

For future events and workshops, please check:  WHATS ON

Meet the Founders

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Adam Edgeley

Magician Extraordinaire



Pete Whitmore

Close up Magic & Mentalism


Ian 4.png

Ian Gamage

Magic -Ian


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Scot Jerram




To learn more about the Leicester Magicians Network, events (lectures and workshops), membership and contacts - please visit:  WEBSITE

Contact/Join Us

To learn more about the Leicester Magicians Network, events (lectures and workshops), membership and contacts - please visit:  WEBSITE

Information on joining and application form can be downloaded from this page.  

Email- leicestermagiciansnetwork@gmail.com

Speak to the team

Adam Edgeley  07393 361065

Ian gamage       07730 273301

Pete Whitmore 07873 769409

Scot Jerram       07923 358627