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Rubik's Amazing Box of Magic Tricks

This set was issued to celebrate 40 years of the Rubik's cube.

The first 40 sets came with a signed certificate by the creator of "Marvin's Magic" - Marvin Berglas.  A special set that included 40 rubik's cube related effects.

As I was informed that I was the second person to pre-order, I qualified for this special edition.

Available on Amazon here.

Released:  September 2020

Edition: Not numbered but certificates only issued to first 40 pre-orders

Signed by: Marvin Berglas

Purchased: Direct purchase from in September 2020

Richard Jones Magic Set

This magic set was issued by Richard Jones and can be purchased directly from him on his website (below).

The set comprises of 75 tricks/effects and was sold as s limited edition with a signed box that is now on display in my hoe office.  Within the box, a signed A4 poster was included and signed personalised on Richard Jones note paper.

The inside of the magic set is sealed and do not plan to open.

Released:  Not known but would imagine from about 2016/17 onwards.

Edition: Not numbered but signed by: Corporal Richard Jones

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible - Richard".

Purchased: Direct purchase from in December 2020

Stephen Mulhern Signed Magic Set

I've always enjoyed watching Stephen Mulhern on TV as very entertaining.  A bonus that he is a magician as well.

I spotted this for sale on e-bay and you cannot buy in the shops yet.  Signed magic sets are of interest to me but did expect something a little larger.   It is really small sized and probably a quarter of the size of a normal box of tricks. 

The box contains 25 tricks and is nicely presented.  Now on display in my home office.


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