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Ash Marlow Signed Playing Card 

Not strictly speaking a signed playing card but was a signed business card that was enclosed with a free gift that he provided after I made a purchase from him.

Ash is a magician who also designs and sells his own playing cards and effects.  In 2020 he released his own "Ape" design playing cards.  An amazing deck that was initially on Kickstarter, though I bought directly from him.

David Blaine - Signed Playing Card Box

So any signed David Blaine items can come at a cost.  This was sourced from e-bay and looks legit.

A signed white box which contains two sealed packs of cards.  

White Lions Tour Edition (Black) Playing Cards by David Blaine - NEW USPC Signed.


Acquired:  June 2021 

Lxke Trix Signed Playing Card 

This card was signed by Luke Baker aka Lxke Trix.

Having worked with Luke on interviews for this site and purchasing products from his Magic Hut shop, I received this signed card in August/September 2020.

Inscribed as "To Martin, thanks for all your support, from Luke" on a red Bicycle card.

Elliot Bibby - Signed Playing Card

I have had the opportunity to view Elliot's online show a couple of times. 


I have worked within him on a couple of show reviews and also an interview.


In March 2021, I was able to gain a signed card which is a great collectable.


A signed note from Elliot also came with the card which is also an excellent memento.


An amazing artist that I hope to see before live after lockdown eases.


Acquired:  March 2021 

Marc Spelmann - The 1X500 Playing Cards & Signed Cert

Marc is certainly an artist who has gained a lot of attention through his appearances on Britains Got Talent.

In April 2021, Marc released a limited edition deck of 500 cards which he designed himself.  He is a graphic designed and it shows, the box, deck of cards and certificate are very well designed.

My certificated is number 40 of 500 so quite a low number.  Signed by Marc and "X".

A nice collectable which also comes with some instruction videos online.

Received/Purchased:  April 2021

Mark Shortland Signed 53 Films Playing Cards 

As well as a magician, Mark Shortland is an artist.

To date he has created three decks of cards  - 53 Films, 53 Magicians  and 53 Movies.

On his site, you can purchase the playing cards and the artwork, each piece of artwork of course being unique and used for creating one of the cards in an actual deck that can be bought.


The 53 Films series caught my eye on his site after watching Mark perform live on Zoom.  This pack of cards has actually been signed by Mark and came in a half cellophane wrap.  The wrap is removed for this photo but has been placed back on the deck to protect the signature.

Purchased:  April 2021


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