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"A Kind Of Magic" - Online Zoom Show by Magical Bones!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Yes! Just discovered that Magical Bones is doing a few online shows in June. Thursday the 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. Couple of shows a day by the looks of it.

This chap is excellent, and I have had the opportunity to interact with him via Zoom previously for a private online show. The cost of tickets is only £13.20 with booking fee for general admission.

Tickets are reasonable, I think. States you need a pack of cards on the day.

Currently advise that shows open the doors on Zoom from 1830 and then start at 1900. Then a second show each day with Zoom doors opening from 1945 with the show starting at 2020.

In case times and dates change, please check the site for the latest as I cannot be held responsible for changes!!!

Worth booking as this magician is also on BGT this year. It is my prediction that he will get to the final. If you haven't seen his audition, watch this -


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