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A New Interview with "Shae Does Magic!" Coming Soon

We are excited to tell you about our new series of interviews that will be starting for 2022 very soon!

First up, we have an interview with Shae Gathercole, aka "Shae Does Magic!". We will be posting it very soon.

Shae has achieved many accolades in the world of magic and is already well known within the community. Successfully performing in shows, winning a young magicians club member award and famed for his card magic.

A very active magician who holds membership of the Magic Circle - "Young Magicians Club", as well as the "Leicester Magicians Network".

Not only available for bookings, Shae has performed street magic while busking and has already presented his first lecture to fellow magicians.

To book Shae for your event and learn more about him, please visit his social sites:

Interview coming soon!

Shae Gathercole - "Shae Does Magic!"


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