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AG Magicians - Psychological Artistry Show

Magicians Alex and George are performing on the 19th of March at 1900 GMT.

Tickets for the one hour Zoom show are £5.99 per screen.

Book on Eventbrite here.

Official write up below:

Experience Psychological Magic For Real.

Have you ever had an experience that you just couldn’t explain? ⁠Perhaps it was an idea that stuck out in your mind like nothing else? Maybe it was the feeling of your thoughts being penetrated by a strange, psychological force?

Magic appears when the limitations of science and technology evaporate. At the crossroads of imagination, where the flickering sense of the unknown lies just beyond your touch, where the last breath of the rational expires, where the glacier of mystery shifts and you get a glimpse of the odd, the unusual and the impossible – this is where Psychological Artistry comes to life.

During our live, interactive and innovative online magic show, you’ll get to witness:

- Impossible mind-reading

- Incredible predictions

- Mysterious miracles

- Stunning psychology

- Amazing art

- Hilarious comedy

Come along and join us for an evening that you’ll be sure to remember. The show is hosted through Zoom at 7 PM GMT on 19th March 2021 and tickets are available right now!


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