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America’s Got Talent - episode 3 and 4 of Series 15

A little bit late watching episode 3 but I finally got around to it last night. In the UK, you can watch AGT on Netflix.

Episode 3 features an act that were hyped as comedy magician‘s - “The Demented Brothers“.

Audience and judges reaction was mixed.

The act consisted of a routine that while comedic was not actually magic. More of a clever comedic act pretending to be magicians that can’t perform.

In episode 4, no magicians featured.

Other then Ryan Tricks from the UK, this series of AGT has been weak so far for representing magicians Hopefully it will pick up as no card magicians have featured this year to date.

Like the UK, I understand that this series will of course be cut short and just 7 episodes were filmed prior to the lockdown. Later stages will of course be delayed.


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