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Americas Got Talent - Series 15

Due to lockdown and covid 19, no new episode of the show was available this week to stream. I understand that the series will be back at the end of the month with judge cuts.

The series this year has been a little disappointing for magic. The highlight would have to be Ryan Tricks and Winston.

Ryan Tricks was from the UK and is a mentalist and magician.

Somehow he manages to get Simon and Howie to connect, choosing the same cards and Simon controlling Howie.

Worth watching. Also viewable on YouTube.

Winston the magician from Venezuela Is also worth checking out.

A talented magician who displayed a sleight of hand routine, appearing to produce cards from thin air. The performance was dramatic, acting with out of control hands which kept producing cards uncontrollably.

No card table, just Winston on a stool amazing the audience. Watch if you get a chance. Available on Netflix in the UK and also on YouTube.

Hopefully we will get to see more of Winston and Ryan Tricks during the judge cut episodes.


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