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Americas Got Talent - Series 15 episode 9

AGT is back with episode 9, judges cuts.

Show format was reworked to manage social distancing. Filmed with the judges arriving to view acts in their cars before seating in their new social distanced outdoor set.

They started with a recap of some of the acts that were put through. 100 performance acts had been put through and these acts had to be narrowed down to about 40.

This week, the magicians that were featured in a recap included Jonathan Goodwin and Ryan Tricks at the beginning.

We then discovered who had gone through to the live shows. Some appeared to go straight through and others had to perform to try and win a spot.

Max Major performed from Las Vegas. Started off with a recap of his career to date and the challenges he faced during lockdown.

He performed using Simon. Using photos of the judges, Simon had to select turned over cards and match them to other turned over cards which had pictures of the judges. We discovered that Simons choices matched all the pictures of the turned over cards. A good confident performance by Max.

Ryan Tricks also featured from the UK. A good intro video showed footage of Ryan working during lockdown.

He performed with Alisha Dixon and used her phone. He was able to get her to select a contact from her phone and he was able to reveal the name. This was then followed by Ryan getting Alisha to read out a message which somehow ended up being on Alisha’s phone as a message. A good performance.

Lastly Jonathan Goodwin also performed. An escape artist. I was able to see Jonathan perform a number of years ago and he also performed on Britain’s got Talent.

Wearing a metal blindfold with loaded crossbows. Four crossbows with containers of water draining were then responsible for firing the arrows once the tank of water emptied, triggering the firing of the crossbow. By listening to the containers of water, he has to judge when to move to miss the crossbows. The four arrows were then released in a staggered but quick fashion. An entertaining performance.

At the end of the show we found out that Jonathan and Max had got through. Ryan unfortunately did not get through.


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