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An Interview with "Shae Does Magic!"

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

We are excited to start off a new series of interviews for 2022 with Shae Gathercole.

Shae has achieved many accolades in the world of magic and is already well known within the community. Successfully performing in shows, winning a young magicians club member award and famed for his card magic.

A very active magician who holds membership of the Magic Circle - "Young Magicians Club", as well as the "Leicester Magicians Network".

Not only available for bookings, Shae has performed street magic while busking and has already presented his first lecture to fellow magicians.

Thanks to Shae for spending time with Magic Seats and talking all things magic.

To book Shae for your event, please visit his social sites:

Shae Gathercole

Magic Seats - Thanks Shae for having a chat with us. Really appreciated.

I have to start by asking your background story. What grabbed your interest in magic and who are your inspirations?

Shae - I originally got into magic during a Christmas raffle at my dad's work place! Every time I won a price, the man running the raffle kept switching the alcohol prizes that I was winning for little magic tricks. I was then hooked on the idea of performing magic and very quickly bought some "Marvin's Magic" sets when just eight years old while visiting London. My interest then just expanded from that point onwards.

I get inspired by everyone that is great at what they do and the magic they do.

For example Scot Jerram (LMN - Leicester Magicians Network), who is a mentor of mine, inspired me with playing cards and people like Brendan Rodrigues inspires me with the coins!

Magic Seats - Two great mentors to have. Scot (Jerram) is of course a card man, and I know that you are of course very into your card magic. Good to learn that the Leicester Magicians Network and Scot support you in this manner, a great club.

What advice would you give other young magicians who wish to get into magic?

Shae - My advice is to make great friends! For example, find someone that is into what you're into and gain experience and advice from them. It will really help you with your progress. I did this myself and thanks to Scot, I’ve progressed more in the past 2-3 years than I did in my first 5 years previous.

Magic Seats - That's an interesting point about learning methods.

As a young magician, what are the greatest challenges that you face and how do you overcome them?

Shae - As a young magician I do face a few challenges but the main one is people judging me when they see a young lad like me. They then tend to think I’m not going to be very good, so that’s why I always open with a good effect to show them that I am better then they expect.

I just learnt to naturally accept the idea that someone may think that I’m not going to be very good, so I have to prove them wrong and that makes me very ambitious to prove them wrong!

Magic Seats - It is an interesting point. Having been lucky enough to see you perform, I know first hand that your act is amazing,

Last year you ran your very first magic lecture on card handling, how did you find that experience and what’s next - what burning ambitions do you have?

Advertising for Shae's lecture

Shae - I found the lecture very eye opening because I saw what it was like to teach magic. I very much enjoyed it and have to say a massive thank you to LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) for the opportunity!

I think my next ambition is to read and learn as much as I possibly can!

Magic Seats - I share that goal to read more. I have read a few magic books this year already.

What was the last magic book that you read and would you recommend it?

Shae - The last magic book I read was Card College Volume 3 and I would recommend it to everyone!

Magic Seats - I will definitely have to pick that one up. My current read is a Joshua Jay book "How Magicians Think". The book of course touches upon the art of performance.

"Magicians At The Moat" show posters advertising Shae and other performers

You have performed in shows like "Magicians at the Moat", and entered various magic competitions. What is your greatest achievement to date?

Shae - My greatest achievement probably has to be the time I won the young magicians club member of the month!

Magic Seats - That is a fantastic achievement. Recently, you were also busking and performing street magic, how did you find that experience and what did you learn about magic performance?

Shae - I found busking really enjoyable as you never knew who you were going to perform to next so it makes you eager to perform at your best.

Magic Seats - And I guess that relates to your earlier comment about making good first impressions.

To close our chat, I have to ask what are your favourite magic collectables that you own?

Shae - My favourite magic collectable has to be my signed Dynamo poster.

Magic Seats - I can appreciate why that is special. It is just fab to have such special collectable items.

Shae, thank you so much for your time. Good luck as always with all your future plans and do keep the site updated on what you do next! Cheers Shae.

To book Shae for your event or learn more, please visit his social sites:

Shae Gathercole "Shae Does Magic" interview with Martin Brophy "Magic Seats" - Feb 2022



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