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And the BMC Journey Begins…

Well... I am on the train as I write. After some careful packing, hopefully I have not left anything behind.

I've managed to get a direct train. Once in Blackpool, I plan to get registered early.

If you do see me at BMC, please come up and say hello! Hopefully I will get the chance to meet many of you who I have interacted with and worked with on this site over the last few years.

I will be blogging on the site over the weekend. But do follow me on social media as well (links at top of the page and below) as some quick updates and photos will be via my FaceBook page, twitter and instagram. I may also be able to write some reviews of BMC, shows, lectures and products on the blog over the coming week.

For the sites below, please do like and follow.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to go around the dealers. I have a pre-order Jamie Allan "Everything" book already to collect. Think Nadine (wife) is feeling nervous as to how much I will spend. I am as well to be honest. Will try and be careful

One thing that is likely to catch my eye at BMC is Tenyo. After buying my first Tenyo effect a few weeks back, I am now rather taken by them. There are quite a few that I am interested in. However, will definitely be buying more recent additions rather then some of the expensive classics.

For someone starting out performing, these effects often stump the most experienced of magicians.

I have been practising "Crystal cleaver" a lot. A fun effect that I have shown and amazed my wife and daughter. When I get a chance, I will do a video.

The Great Escape is also amazing and looks good when presented. I have not practised that one much yet but again, plan to share a video very soon.

Lastly, as the site approaches its third birthday, I hope that the content is proving of value to readers/visitors.

While a hobby, it does come at a cost, running the site, and there can be more associated costs than you can perhaps imagine.

While I have always steered clear of adverts, if you see value in my work and appreciate the contribution that the site makes to the art of magic or the site has been able to promote you in some fashion, please think about buying me a coffee!

I also have struck a new deal with Alakazam and can now offer all Magic Seats readers 5% off all purchases. Just type MARTIN23935 at checkout to gain your discount. This will also help support this site.

Enjoy your week and I hope to meet many of you at BMC.



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