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Another Evening (IN) of Deception - Interview With Kerry Scorah

Updated: Mar 28

Kerry Scorah is back with a brand new online Zoom show - "Another Evening (IN) of Deception".

A follow up to last years “An Evening (IN) of Deception” which was also with Mark Shortland and Richard Parsons.

To celebrate her return with this new show, Kerry took the time to have a chat with Magic Seats.

Kerry is one of the few full-time professional female magicians in the UK and is one of the country’s most highly regarded professional close-up magicians. Based in Gloucestershire she is also one of only a few female members of the exclusive Magic Circle, and has had the distinguished Gold Star bestowed upon her – in fact she was the only British female magician to be asked to perform at The Magic Circle centenary celebrations.

During her chat with Magic Seats, Kerry discusses the new show, performing with Mark and Richard, how she got into magic and much more.

To book to see the new show staring Kerry Scorah, Richard Parsons and Mark Shortland, visit here to book. Current show dates are advertised for Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th and Sun 11th of April at 1930.

Magic Seats - Thank you Kerry for joining us for a chat. Mark, Richard and yourself are back with a new show - "Another Evening (IN) of Deception". Tell us what we can expect this time.

Kerry Scorah - So it’s the exact same format for the show, which is based on a show we do live every year in the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham hosted by the wonderful Steve Knibbs. We have 2 acts in the first half and then we have an interval, we then come back for the headliner act.

This time all the material is new to the show, so anyone who saw the show last time will see us all doing completely different tricks.

We are trying to keep the show as interactive as the last one so the audience still make all the decisions etc.

There will be mind reading, card tricks and I believe some rope this time (that’s all I’m allowed to give away at this point ;-))

Magic Seats - I did enjoy the last show and found it very interactive. How do you deal with that challenge of building interactivity?

Kerry Scorah - We just talk to the audience, it is different from face to face live theatre, but you soon learn to adapt. I have performed lots of Zoom shows now and I just chat to the audience as I would at an event.

The theatre shows are a little different as we ‘come on stage’ straight away and start our acts but we look for friendly, smiley faces on Zoom, just as you would normally.

Zoom has also improved so we can now have spectators spotlit with us on the main screen.

Magic Seats - Zoom has definitely improved and of course, audiences have become more accustomed to using this application. Hopefully that makes it easier for artists when they perform.

How did you form your partnership with Richard and Mark, performing shows together?

Kerry Scorah - I have been friends with Mark since forever and I have got to know Richard over the last 9 years and we are all friends. I have worked with both magicians hundreds of times and they seemed the obvious choice to work with. We all have our own styles and I think we complement each other.

Magic Seats - How did you get into magic. What’s your story?

Kerry Scorah - I grew up watching Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee and I have always been fascinated with magic.

I used to love the acts he showcased and at first, for me, it was all about the glamour, I so desperately wanted to be just like Debbie.

The shoes and the dresses, as a young girl she made a huge impact on me. I joined Hull Magicians' Circle and I was extremely lucky to be introduced very early on to people like Prof. Eddie Dawes, Arthur Setterington and Rex Stott (who spent a long time on the phone with me when I told him magic wasn’t for me, I shall always be thankful for that call). I was then lucky enough to be asked to work on a TV show (Undercover Magic - Sky TV) and the rest, as they say, is history :-)

Debbie McGee

Magic Seats - Debbie McGee is certainly an inspiration who I hope to interview one day! Magic Seats has been lucky to interview other female magicians like Mandy Muden and Romany (Megan Swann also in works).

Why are there so few female magicians in your opinion? Is any of it related to magic clubs being men only historically etc. And if so, hopefully things are changing!

Kerry Scorah - I think it’s just historically the magician was usually male and the assistant female, we are changing that around now and I see more and more female magicians around and this is just wonderful.

I think at the moment we only have 88 female members of The Magic Circle and I would love to see that go over the 100 mark and then just continue to rise. We made history in 2019 by having the very first female vice president of TMC (Megan Swann) and I hope in my lifetime I see a female president (both in USA and TMC :-))

Magic Seats - That is a small number of female members in TMC. Hopefully it will continue to grow as so many fantastic female performers are around.

What advice would you give any female magicians wanting to break into magic?

Kerry Scorah - My advice would be to just be you!! It’s the same advice I would give any magician really but I would also say to any female magician if they wanted to reach out for help and support then I am always willing to do what I can.

Magic Seats - That is a great offer for those wanting advice. You have been recognised with many awards and you have achieved many accomplishments. What career achievement are you most proud of?

Kerry Scorah - Without a doubt when I received my M.I.M.C. with Gold Star from The Magic Circle, I was the last person to be awarded this by Scott Penrose before he stood down as President and it was a total surprise.

I was asked to perform close up magic for The Awards Ceremony in 2019 and Scott presented me with my award during the evening. I was absolutely beaming from ear to ear (still am).

Magic Seats - Being a member of the Inner Magic circle is certainly a massive achievement. Congrats on that one!

I've always hoped that one day I will get to visit the Magic Circle in London. I know that they have a very interesting library and museum.

I love collecting unique signed magic items. Do you have a special collectable items that you are proud of and can tell us about?

The Magic Circle - Museum

Kerry Scorah - I have a signed playing card from Sir. Patrick Stewart, I met him at a party I was booked at and I plucked up the courage to ask him to sign a card for me. I grew up watching Star Trek: TNG and I am a huge fan of his!!!

He was absolutely delightful and I will treasure this always.

I also have a signed photo from when David Copperfield asked me up on stage in Las Vegas!!!

Magic Seats - Think we are going to have to talk TNG! Love that show and of course Patrick Stewart. I've not met him but I did get to see him at a convention many years ago! And, very jealous that you met David Copperfield. Both great collectables to own.

Kerry - it has been a pleasure. Thank you for your time talking to us and good luck with the new show. I look forward to watching it.

A review of the new show will also be published very soon. To book, please visit here.

To know more about Kerry, you can visit:


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