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BGT 2023 Magic Acts Recap (before semi-finals)

Updated: May 29, 2023

It's that time of year again when BGT has been entertaining audiences and introducing magicians to the public eye.

The audition stage of BGT 2023 finished on Saturday the 27th of May before the live semi finals start.

Strangely this series has been a little disappointing on the magic front. Traditionally in recent years, at least one magician featured in each auditions episode. This year has been a little lacking with not many magicians featured. Though it will perhaps will put those featured in a stronger position to do well in the live semi-finals and possibly win if popular.

Episode one got off to a good start with Cillian O'Connor. A young magician who is already well known in the magic community and who also has quite a social media following.

Episode 1

Cillian O'Connor

I enjoyed this performance and it was great to see Cillian perform a set rather than just the social media offerings that I normally get to see.

No magicians appeared in episode 2. Then episode 3 got off to a false start with what appeared to be a magic act. An act called "The forbidden" who were actually a male stripper act after a magical entrence. Possibly a magic consultant was involved and I could swear that in a VT, I spotted Brendan Rodrigues.

Episode 3

Enzo Weyne

The actual magician appearing in episode 3 was a French magician called. Enzo. Quite an impressive act and very slick. I had not heard of him previously but I will be keeping an eye out now. Certainly, looking forward to seeing him perform in the semi-finals.

After a few episodes passing without any magic. Episode 6 did have a scary suspenseful act. Probably this first performance was more of a danger act, however, Miki is an illusionist.

Episode 6

Miki Dark

A dark and scary performance that was also enjoyable. Reminded e slightly of Aaron Crow in presentation.

For episode 7, we then had something a little different. A singing magician!

Episode 7

Lewis Fuller

While this was impressive, the act was also a little controversial. Certainly the act is familiar and the magic routines appears similar to those created and performed by another well know magic performer. This performer understandably questioning why their act has been ripped off.

For the last episode of the auditions

Episode 8

Kimoon Do

A charismatic performance and entertaining card act from Kimoon

The live semi finals start on Monday the 29th of May on ITV. The final then be shown on Saturday the 4th of June at 1930.

Who was your favourite?

Good luck to all the competitors.


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