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As this site grows and the blog develops, I have further ideas for content.

While I intend that the blog will have daily posts, they will fall into a few categories:

  • Show news (Zoom/theatre).

  • Show reviews (Zoom/theatre).

  • One off articles that are magic/cardistry related.

  • Regular series. Like cardistry updates, collectable cards and tv show episodes.

  • Non blog site updates e.g new site page or updates.

Over time, I expect to have additional content ideas and I will add to the blog. I already have some ideas and just need the opportunity to write the posts and plan them.

The Vlog will also likely become more important, particularly for showing collectable cards.

If you like the blog and what I am doing, please do visit the site regularly. The intention is to publish daily blogs as long as I have content/ideas to work with. To maintain quality, blog pages will be written in advance and I hope to get a variety of posts on the site.

If you want notifications when I post, please create a site log on and become a member so that you can also subscribe to the blog. That way you will receive an email when I post.

As always, if you have feedback and ideas, please let me know. And if you like what you see, please comment, like and share. Thanks


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