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Blog Feedback/Ideas Received

My recent competition during the Summer asked for feedback and comments about the blog.

I’m always looking for ideas to improve the content and have recently added a new Magician of the week blog post. Posts about magicians that I wish to highlight their profiles.

To keep things fresh, content will vary on the blog and certain types of posts will run for limited times.

The Vlog which is used for card reviews will be rested in a few weeks time. A new series will then be recorded at a later date. The same way that the interviews ran for 4 weeks, I hope to have a further series of interviews soon when the time is right.

The blog will also be used for more reviews of shows and general show news moving forward.

I really appreciated the comments and feedback and can assure that I will act on many of the ideas and have been striving to do so already. Suggestions received for content has included the comments below. Thanks to all those who have made the effort to comment and your ideas and feedback is useful.

A summary of feedback is as follows:

”I think it would be wonderful to see you write about tips, tricks and secrets as well as experiences and also maybe a little about how covid has impacted the magic industry and the effects going forward. Love the website and blog really great stuff keep it up”

“How to do some of the specialist tricks videos of upcoming magicians . Etc”

”Best places to buy magic gear, interviews with different magicians, reviews of magicians and venues.”

“How magic has evolved over the years and vlogs showing easy magic tricks.”

”Magic has never been a hobby of mine but I can see through your page how it is growing in popularity. It would be interesting to learn about the most popular magic tricks celebrated around the world. How does magic appreciation vary in Europe or Asia for instance? 😁”.

“Easy magic tricks that children can do.”

Thanks to all for taking the time to feedback. Should you have any additional comments, please feel free to post below.



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