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BMC: Blackpool Magic Convention 2023

Good news - the BMC app is now out with the schedule released for 2023.

The schedule was first released on Thursday, which gave a good indication of what to expect. But having the app is much better. However, it is just out for Apple so far. Android to follow at time of writing.

I really can't wait for this convention, so like most, I am now working out my schedule of events that I wish to attend.

It is going to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected though with many artists that I want to see all happening at once. The Sunday is particularly heavy loaded with many top names performing.

What with the dealers, lectures and shows, I just need to work out my agenda. The app will certainly help with that.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Lea Kyle, Tom Brace, Eric Chien, Kevin James, Richard Jones, Romany, Jay & Joss and many others. Many artists either performing their shows or appearing in the Gala Shows/lectures.

The dealers den/room will be of huge interest as well.

I am attending from the Thursday through Sunday. And while I have been to Blackpool for magic shows before, this is my first BMC.

Already preparing and bought a few things such as a draw string bag to take around with me. I know they get funny otherwise with ruck sacks.

My family are also joining me for some of the weekend. Also looking forward to meeting up with friends, meeting some for the first time and then also brand new friends.

I expect it will be an exhausting weekend but worth it!

I will definitely write a few blog posts that weekend.



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