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BMC Day 2 Summary (18-Feb)

For the second night, I didn't sleep that well. Probably I was just too excited by the BMC event. I had also seen Jay & Joss perform last night and was still hyped up after their 2300 to midnight show. I will share more details about that amazing show soon.

I started the day with a nice brisk walk by the sea to make up for eating a full English at the hotel.

I attended a few lectures today. Learning lots from these inspirational people - Amanda Nepo, Richard Jones and Romany.

I was also able to get some signed effects from magicians/creators - Elliot Bibby and Amanda Nepo. Items that I can display in my office and collection. Elliot has been a friend of the Magic Seats site since the beginning. So really pleased to own an effect of his now.

Prior to the BMC schedules being released, I had not heard of creator Amanda Nepo, but now I am a fan and will follow her work. A creative mind and a Penn & Teller fooler. Her social details are below. I cannot share the two signed effects from Elliot and Amanda as they reveal product/effect names. But both are excellent additions to my collection.

The day went really quick and I finished with "The One". The BMC competition for performers allowing them the chance to win a prize of £30,000.

Tomorrow I have another big day ahead. A Jamie Allan lecture and then the gala show that will includes performances from Eric Chien and Lea Kyle. Hopefully I will get to meet Lea (met Eric yesterday) Kyle during the day as Inthink she is brilliant. Hoping that the witch makes another appearance too.

Then finally tomorrow evening, I get to see friend of the site, Tom Brace finally perform his show. That will be amazing. Originally I was going back home Sunday afternoon but the line up on Sunday was too good to miss.

Thanks as always to all the artists that took the time to chat, catch up and have photos with me. Thank you for always being so welcoming.

Please see my previous post for the selfies of the day.

Below, the amazing puppet stand "Show of Hands Puppets", Amanda sharing her social details and a Blackpool pic.

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