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BMC Day 3 Summary (19-Feb)

Thankfully I finally got a good sleep. But I looked pretty knackered in photos taken on Sunday (Photo with Vinny Sagoo being a good example in gallery).

After a breakfast walk, I was back in the dealers room and I was able to get some gifts for my daughter. Sunday morning was slow and I rested a bit.

To kick off the final day officially, I met up with Angus Baskerville. It was great to meet him finally, as he did an interview for the site a couple of years ago.

Afternoon wise, I was able to attend the Jamie Allan lecture. A very well prepared and thought out lecture. Looking forward still for when I get the chance to look at his book that I bought.

The Gala show in the evening was fantastic. Watching magic by so many international artists that you would not normally get a chance to see in the UK was amazing. Max Fulham was an amazing compère. And watching Eric Chien perform and Lea Kyle with her amazing act were massive highlights.

To finish the day, I was also finally able to watch Tom Brace perform. Fab to see his show and close the convention with an artist that Magic Seats has followed over the last few years.

This convention has given me a few ideas for follow up posts, so so keep reading. Opportunities for a BMC summary and perhaps some show reviews as well over the coming week.

Please see my previous blog post for the selfies from day 3.

Below, Jamie Allan, Lea Kyle, Gala theatre (Opera House), Vinny Sagoo, Joel M signed card, Tom Elderfield signed card, the amazing puppet stand "Show of Hands Puppets", and Max Fulham compèring, Lea Kyle, Eric Chien and Tom Brace.

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