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BMC Dealer Halls

I didn't get a great deal of sleep last night. Hotel room was comfy but guess I was excited about BMC.

As I post this, I am taking a break before going back for the early Gala show and then to see Romany and Jay & Joss perform. Though whether I will survive to have enough energy to see Jay & Joss is questionable.

I've seen many faces and it has been great to finally meet quite a few today for the first time finally. Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) and Wayne Trice for starters.

When going around the dealers, it was almost a little overwhelming at first. So much to take in.

An early stop was at Stage Magic Solutions to collect a preordered book. Great to meet Jamie Allan (and Natalia and Adam) and get my book signed.

As well as meeting Jamie, another highlight was seeing Eric Chien demo his products. I got to see some close up and buy a signed collectable.

As I wondered around, I just kept seeing famous magicians. Brilliant.

Show wise, I stopped off at the Mario maker show. A kids entertainer and it was good to see.

Card wise, I have gained about four today. Those below (Jamie, Adam and Natalia) plus Megan Swann.

Off for a drink and meet up with some of the LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) now.

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