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Book Review Of “Spun Into Gold” By Romany Romany

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Last year I came across the book “Spun Into Gold”, when reading an interview about Romany in “MagicSeen” magazine.

This review was originally posted in February of 2021, and this a revised post of the review to remind all of this excellent read. This version has some minor revisions to the text to improve readability.

I was already familiar with Romany from her appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool us. A well known female magician who has been very successful and is a member of the Magic Circle.

I was interested in learning more about her, as it is still quite unusual to have an international female magician with as many accolades. Other book reviews also indicated that this was good read.

My purchase arrived very quickly after buying. Though soft-back, it was presently nicely and inscribed to me. Available in paperback and audio book (narrated by Romany) on Amazon or signed if you purchase directly from Romany via her website.

Romany - Diva Of Magic

The book is for anyone who has had a dream or interest in magic. It catalogues Romany’s determination to break into the entertainment industry. First as a dancer, then juggler and eventually magician. The book details her journey with honesty and humour. A memoir / auto biographical account of Romany’s career while attempting to find success.

Romany took time out in 2019 to start the writing process, prior to publishing in 2020. The finished article being an engaging read that quickly draws you in. Early chapters reminisce of her first trip to the theatre as a young girl, the support that her parents provided, her Catholic upbringing and her love of dancing.

Romany talks you through her early inspiration for performing and creating her own show, while living and travelling internationally. Documenting many life lessons.

“These days, I’ve learnt my lesson from those early years. I won’t promise you an act I can’t do, no matter how far in advance you book or how much you pay.“

Romany writing "Spun Into Gold"

The chapters then go on to detail her new beginning as Romany - "Diva of Magic". Charting the highs and lows and struggles to achieve her goals as a magician, before gaining success.

"Spun Into Gold" - front and back book cover

I was able to relate to many aspects of her upbringing, religion and money struggles. An honest write up of her adventures and life lessons. Romany’s enthusiasm and drive to follow a career and gain success is inspiring in a male dominated industry.

A running theme throughout the book is her acute awareness that she had the eating disorder bulimia and this makes for an honest account of the effects it can have on anyone suffering.

A well written and enjoyable book to read. You have to admire Romany's determination to succeed and tell a most interesting story.

I highly recommend that you buy a copy, read and tell others. This book is for anyone who has any aspiration in life to succeed in their chosen field and follow their dreams. The tale of a successful female magician.

Romany - "Diva Of Magic"

Romany promotes her book via the websites and social media below. She also actively searches for her million golden readers. Encouraging all that enjoy her book to let others know.

"Do more of what makes you happy".

Available in paperback and audio book on Amazon or signed if you purchase directly from Romany via her website.

My signed copy of the book.


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