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Card Suppliers - Best Places to Buy

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Like all purchases, you need to shop around to get the best price. Prices can differ hugely for products between sites and collectable cards is no different.

Many online businesses are selling collectable cards from Amazon to specialist magic and cardistry shops.

While Amazon can be quick to deliver, the range is not as comprehensive as a specialist site.

Recently I have been finding to be good. Speedy delivery and good customer service. They have a wide variety of products and quite a few cards on sale. You also get supplied with a nice little cascade juggling bag with purchases to hold your cards. Free delivery is offered, just depends on amount purchased and speed required.

At the weekend I discovered a fantastic site that had a huge range of cards for collectors. JP Games Ltd. The choice of cards on this site is amazing. I immediately opened an account and very quickly ended up with at least 60 favourite packs. I have bought about 4 decks from them as a first test purchase and could have easily spent more but was near enough £50 of damage. Too many decisions but will definitely be buying more if this transaction is smooth! The reviews that I have read about this site all seem positive. Certainly a well constructed site and easy to navigate. Delivery costs vary on the speed required and amount purchased. Hopefully I will receive good customer service. Though I qualified for free delivery, I paid an extra £1.99 for a quicker delivery service.

Another site that I have placed a few orders with is KickStarter. Quite easy to become a backer and many limited edition sets of cards on sale. As a backer, the only disadvantage is that in some instances, you can be waiting quite a long time for the cards after buying. Postage for some cards can also be a bit extreme dependant on which country the cards are coming from.

As far as the collectable card sites are concerned, it is best to compare prices, I have noticed that some prices can vary between sites and be as much as £7 to £10 cheaper on any particular site by just comparing prices. Amazon can also be more expensive which is another good reason to use the specialists.

One other Site I have discovered and appears popular is King of cards but I have not used them yet. Orders over £15 are free and anything under is £2. Will give them a try next and let you know my thoughts.

I should also mention who again offer choice, free delivery over £15 and offer a price match scheme.

If you have any recommendations for the best sites to use, please comment below. Any advice would also be appreciated.

Lastly we need to talk standard Bicycle card supplies for practising. I have been told that for anyone who has access to a Costco membership, you can buy bricks of cards relatively cheaply. Currently they are advertising bricks at £23.89 however you have to buy a minimum of 2 bricks. Though I understand the prices can vary dependant on offers and can sometimes be cheaper. The cheapest brick I have found elsewhere is on Amazon for about £28.

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