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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

While lockdown has of course presented challenges, many of us have used the opportunity to spend time on our hobbies.

As well as building this website, I also started to try my hand at magic again. While it is quite straight forward to do some tricks and learn, I want to be able to do it well.

As I am particularly interested in card magic, I realised that if I was to hold and manipulate the cards professionally, it takes practice.

Searching for tricks and videos to master card control quickly became quite a confusing path. Needing direction, I decided that I should book some lessons in cardistry or sign up to a course. Forgetting tricks for the moment and just learning how to handle the cards and gradually work through moves.

Quite a lot of options exist online to learn magic/cardistry. However, finding what is suitable for you is another matter.

Sites ranged from online tuition with Zoom to recorded video instruction. I spent a few days researching sites. Even though many good international sites exist, I quickly decided that I wanted a UK based site.

Eventually I found a site by magician and motivational speaker Steve Faulkner. His site allows you to watch some of his videos so that you can judge whether you like it or not. Steve has loads of courses in cardistry which he has been creating since about 2013. You can also complete videos in the order that you wish. I am starting as a beginner. Learning the basics from how to hold cards and gradually become familiar with the decks, cutting and moves.

The learning is very structured, giving me a pathway to follow. That way, I don’t have to think about what to do next, I can just follow the lesson plan.

In addition to the videos, the site is supported by Steve using Facebook and Slack. It looks like regular live coaching sessions are also arranged. Will definitely take part in such a session when the next beginners meet is arranged.

If interested, I would recommend you google Steve and his websites.

I am trying to practice every night now. Even for short amounts of time. In just a few nights, I can already see the progress I am making. I like to rewatch some of the videos to get the moves correct as I practice.

I think the monthly fee to unlock all the content and support is really reasonable and Steve has already been in touch. He encourages questions and interaction between him and members.

Check out his site if your interested. Best viewed on a desktop and you can use phones and tablets also:

I will keep you all posted on my progress through this blog. Any questions, just let me know.



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