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Cardistry (and Magic) Update 4

In my last post, I mentioned about the difficulty gaining time to practice.

Thankfully that is improving now and I have had more of a chance to handle the cards.

Changes that I have made to the content management of my website and even adding RSS feeds saves me time. So, making more time available to practice cardistry.

Some of it is also having more cards at hand to allow practice. So, while out in the car, having a pack to hand. Also, using them more, shuffling the cards while attending meetings.

As my learning and progress is going relatively well, I intend to rewatch the beginners videos on my course. Have also started the beginners tricks video.

Coaching continues and I get invited to Zoom sessions to learn. One of the latest sessions was being on shuffling.

I am also attempting to gain some private coaching to review my progress. Sessions over Zoom that allow me to work through my beginner moves, gain feedback and discuss issues. Hoping I can get something arranged soon as not having much luck on that front so far.

Also during the week, I have now booked for the Blackpool Magicians Conference in Feb 2021. I am so excited for this event and I hope that it does actually go ahead. My accommodation is all sorted as well. Journey wise, it’s not too far for me and just 2.5 hours to get there.

Cards wise my latest additions were a number of Bicycle decks. Adding the following to my collection:

Bicycle Amplified

Bicycle Autobike

Bicycle Chainless

Bicycle Black Tiger

Bicycle Chroma

Lastly, TV wise I have been watching the first 2 series of Penn and Teller: Fool Us on Netflix UK. I have seen the series before but quite some time ago, so good to watch again. Anyone know how you can watch the later series of Penn and Teller in the UK as Netflix only show the first two series?


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