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Cardistry (and Magic) Update 6

A little bit of an update for you. Currently I have been watching some of the Ryan Tricks TV shows that are available to download via Sky. Really enjoying these shows. The difficulty is finding the time to watch! What is great about Ryan is the joy and pleasure you can see he gains from carrying out his tricks. He seems genuinely chuffed when he pulls off a trick and amazes spectators.

Of course, I still also enjoy watching Penn and Teller: Fool Us on Netflix.

My opportunities to practice my cardistry have not been as regular as I would have liked. Hopefully, I will be able to get this back on track again and I managed to invest some time with the cards over the Bank Holiday which was good. Also practised a bit with some of my decks like the Bicycle Arch Angels.

Trick wise, I have purchased and I have been practicing an effect called The Date by Luke Trix. You can purchase via his website Magic Hut.

I have also been working on content for the blog as some content has to be prepared in advance. I continue to write magician of the week profiles which of course takes time. Hopefully this will help keep website content fresh with different ideas. I have recorded all the vlogs now that I initially intend to post and that series will run at present to about Vlog post 17.

Lastly, I managed to get some tickets for the Magic Singh online magic show via Zoom. Was lucky to get a ticket as sold out and only 80 tickets were available.

If you have any ideas for future content, please let me know. Till next time...


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