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Cardistry (and Magic) Update 3

Life has been so busy lately, it has been hard to practice with my cards during this last couple of weeks. Of course to get good, you need to regularly handle the cards.

To give myself direction, I know the end goal I want to achieve. The steps to achieve the goal include practicing daily, creating and performing a 20 minute show, attending conventions etc. The goal is to join the Magic Circle.

Therefore, I need to get the practice in and get to a point when I can start learning tricks. To do so, I need to create a balance between the card practice and management of this site. I think I know how I can do that and I have been making some changes to how I manage site content to speed up updates and accuracy of the information. Setting up a website is always time consuming and now that the foundations have been laid, hopefully it will become more straightforward.

I have had an opportunity to join some magicians on a few Zoom calls over the last few weeks to discuss card handling. It has been really useful and exciting to be part of the sessions and we were able to discuss issues and watch coaching. The session was part of the online card course that I use for coaching and guidance for beginners card handling. I have taken away some useful tips and I look forward to the next session. Steve Faulkner who conducts the sessions is excellent and I was able to pick up various advice and tips. His site has lots of courses that range from beginner to advanced for card handling and tricks. A small monthly subscription gets you access. Visit Steve’s site here if interested.

I can see the progress that I am making already while I practice but I am still at an early stage of my learning. My daughter is also having a go now and enjoys playing with my old used bike decks. As a surprise for her birthday, I have ordered her a bespoke deck that is unicorn themed with her name and age. She has a birthday coming up. I think she will like it. Pictures to follow when they arrive.

This coming week I am determined to get more card practice in. I will let you know how it goes.

Please also check out my Vlog page. I have a few videos up now talking through some of my recent deck purchases.

Buying cards can be slightly addictive and I still have more on the way which I will review.



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