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Chris Dugdale - “Down To 1” The Virtual Experience Review (Spoiler-Free)

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I had hoped for some time that Chris Dugdale would organise a public Zoom performance, as the show is normally corporate only.

Previously, I've worked with Chris on an interview and reviewing his book ”XYA“. Therefore, I was excited to book the online show to see Chris perform.

I know that he is very proud of his show and in particular, his closing effect - which he had mentioned to me. An effect that fools all, including other magicians!

Prior to the show, Chris told me that he was doing 3 public shows and keeping attendance numbers low to heighten the experience for all. This really would be a rare public viewing of the show.

If you want to book, you need to be fast as only one of the two remaining shows has availability at time of writing. Two packages exist, you can book a standard ticket or a VIP option that gives you a download of Chris‘s DVD. Ticket cost is very reasonable for what you get.

For those in the UK or Europe, remember, shows are in Eastern time for the US, and we are currently 5 hours ahead.

It was recommended that you join the show early, as no late comers are normally admitted. The doors to wait in the lobby would open about 15 minutes before the show. Most of the audience joined in plenty of time and an intimate number of screens connected to see the show.

A "Down To 1"graphic picture of Chris displayed on screen with a countdown to the virtual experience with music while we waited. The graphic also encouraged everyone to turn on cameras, be aware of the location of your mute button and to switch off phones to avoid disturbances.

The show started with a brilliant video montage to hype up the audience before Chris joined for the performance.

Chris Dugdale - "Down To 1"

It became apparent during the show that Chris had attracted a worldwide audience. The show is very interactive with Chris talking to every participant. You feel like you are in the room with Chris and the other viewers.

The show is marketed for adults but it is family friendly in content. Nothing offensive and in theory, anyone age 12 and up would enjoy.

The quality of this Zoom call was excellent. Probably the best quality that I have experienced in a long time. Pin sharp picture with Chris using a green screen background. Though it should be mentioned that the performance is entirely Chris, his sleight of hand and own skills. No camera trickery and the audio was also very good.

Amazing sleight of hand performances.

The set comprised of card magic and mentalism with Chris also working in coins and about 12 brilliant effects in total during the set.

As a spoiler free review, I will not go into the specifics as not wanting to spoil the surprises for others. I wish I could discuss it as I saw many amazing highlights. One section to music was fantastic and the show was packed with many "WOW" moments. A professional set from an experienced award winning performer, who while traditionally would perform live in front of audiences, has now mastered Zoom and is leading the way.

I know Chris wanted us to keep our eyes peeled for the ending. The end of show routine has fooled every magician so far including the great Wayne Dobson!! I have no idea how he did it but it was truly jaw dropping. How did he do that?

You can’t fault Chris or his enthusiasm. I personally had opportunities several times to interact with Chris and I will remember the show for a very long time. A very personal experience for all attending. Next time Chris is performing live in the UK, I will be doing my best to get a ticket.

To book, see the official write up below. And remember, only one date is left to book. You need to be quick and if you are in the UK or Europe, it is worth staying up late for the show. Don't hesitate, book it now!

For further details, see the links at the end of this page or my interview with Chris and a review of his book "XYA".

If you are interested getting tickets, you can book here.

For those in the UK or Europe, note the time of the shows are EST. Therefore, all show times are next day for us in the early hours.

Tickets are $35.00 per screen.

Or $40 for a VIP TICKET to include a download of Chris’s DVD -


If this ticket price presents a hardship for you, contact me and we’ll work it out. I want you to be there - Chris.





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