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Collectables Pages - New additions

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Have you checked the new additions page of the collectables section recently?

I update the pages regularly since launching the section in January and I have already added a lot of new items.

Each item is supported with a small write up.

Items recently added include:

Lucky Coin - Richard Jones

XYA Book (Signed) - Chris Dugdale

Poster (Signed) - Paul Daniels/Debbie McGee

Photo (Signed) - Paul Daniels

Photo (Signed) - Derren Brown

Magic Set (Signed) - Stephen Mulhern

Poster (Signed) - Darcy Oake

Magic Set - Shin Lim

Magic Set (Signed) - Lxke Trix

Magic Set - Dynamo

Poster (Signed) - Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride

Books - Derren Brown Tricks of Mind book and Confessions of a Conjuror book

Effect (Signed)- Michal Ammar Cups and Lemon

Photo (Signed) - John Archer

Photo (Signed) - Mandy Muden

Playing Card (Signed) - Elliot Bibby

Book (Signed) - Darcy Oake

Book - Tony Middleton Performing Magic

Book - Barry Murray - Paul Daniels Adult Magic

Stamps - Magic Circle Centenary Stamps

Book - Paul Daniels autobiography

Photo (Signed) - Martin Daniels and Richard Cadell and Sooty

For full details about these items, check out the pages here.



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