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Coming Soon: New Review of Neo Magic Book - “Mind The Maths Magic”

I was excited to receive my review copy of Vinny Sagoo’s new book, “Mind The Maths Magic” today.

I am looking forward to working my way through this new book and reviewing.

I will share my thoughts very soon and cannot wait to try out the maths magic. My daughter who is age 11 is also going to help and share her thoughts.

Speaking to Magic Seats, Vinny told us:

"Maths magic has featured heavily in a 'number' of my commercial tricks. This book is packed with 45 easy maths based tricks using dice, cards, dominoes, coins and even paperclips. These are old principles that I have collected over the years, which are now incorporated into a single book. This is aimed at the beginner, or someone who is new to maths magic. Irrespective of your skill level, I am sure that you will find something to tickle your brain".

Order your copy now From Neo Magic!


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