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Congrats To Harry Merlin Piper

Updated: Apr 15

Congrats to Harry Merlin Piper from the Magic Seats website for winning the Young Magician of the Year competition. Well done to all those in the competition.

I have had the opportunity to watch Harry perform live, and know first hand how excellent he is. Last year he also won “Stage Magician of the Year”.

The official Magic Circle page stated:

Congratulations to the 2024 winner of The Young Magician of the Year, Harry Merlin Piper!

Thirteen-year-old Harry from Spain won the contest with a sensational act consisting of sleight of hand with lights and playing cards, showing a skill level that far betrayed his years.

This year's contest was of extremely high standard, with many acts who could have been crowned the winner.

In second place was Arabella with a unique Gollum-themed act. Third place was taken by Rafferty Coope with a fun desert-themed routine.

Follow Harry on Facebook: Harry Merlin Piper and Instagram: @harrymerlinpiper


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