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Current Magic Shows To Book (Oct 23 Update)

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

With Christmas fast approaching, lots of shows are now available to book.

Here are the main performers/artists that I am aware of that are touring if you are looking for a little magic in your life. This list has been revised and updated for October 2023.

Let me know if I have missed anything. I have focused more on events with multiple shows (tours and residencies) rather than single performances. However for this month, a couple of one off shows are also listed as worth seeing.

Pics contain links to show info. Please note that the links to external sites on promo pics are not affiliated with Magic Seats. Any purchase should be checked for validity as not associated with Magic Seats. Artist line upsand dates for some shows can also change. Tickets can often be purchased from multiple sources, often looking up the local theatre and booking direct is often easiest.

The Leicester Magic Circle - Family Magic Show

Featuring The Great Adamos, Thomas the Magician and Paul Williams

If you live in Leicester (and surrounding area) and have kids to entertain this half term, this is a good option.

Bristol Smoke and Mirrors - Mark Bennett

The Magic Bar - Live (Wales)

A Marvellous Evening of Magic - Etienne Pradier, Josh King and Matt Daniel-Baker (one off show)

Magical Bones - Soulful Magic

Peter Clifford - More Magical Merriment

Richard Jones - Experience the Impossible

1 date for this year and others for 2024

The Magic Circle

Shows run all year. And currently advertising a Halloween show and tickets for the Christmas show soon.

Magic on the Mersey

With Steve Price

Joel M

Link is for the London date but NI shows are also available.

For London, sales are currently showing as disabled. Not sure if that is a temporary measure or a sign that the show is cancelled. For Northern Ireland, no overall booking site but if you search, you will find individual theatre listings for each gig.


Richard Cadell and Sooty

Morgan and West

James Phelan - The Greatest Magician

Ben Hart - Jadoo tour

Pete Firman - Trik Tok tour

Derren Brown presents - Unbelievable (London)

High Jinx tour

West End Magic Tour

The tour has now finished and they are back to their home theatre in London. Next show on the 14-Oct.

Illusion Impossible

The Magic Hour with Tony Middleton - residency in London

Tom Brace - A trick down memory lane - and other shows

Enjoy! Let us know in the comments which tours you are booking to see.


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