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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png
Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

Cyber Magic Superstar - Best Videos

Have you been following Cyber Magic Superstar?

Some great entrants/videos to date and a brilliant way to showcase new talent.

Numbers of entrants is really picking up now before the closing date on the 29th and 30th of July depending on where you are in the world. The first prize being USD10,000.

I have watched as many videos as possible and here are my favourites.

My favourite video is by Chetan Mehta with his card colour change routine. My favourite act is Zebnia Bhumgar.

Chetans act just amazes me. Great slight of hand. Meanwhile some of Zenia‘s act is nostalgic in style but entertaining and well presented.

Here are a selection of my favourites.

Chetan Mehta

Zenia Bhumgar Amanda Lindsey

Yuichi Morita

Mike Bliss

Martin Goh

Jeremy Tan

Donato Capitell Nut Sunchad

Geno Deville


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