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Darcy Oake - Live Zoom Show Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

After the disappointing news that Darcy had to cancel his rescheduled UK tour for this year, he teased that something else was being organised.

Of course, as you would expect, Darcy announced some Zoom shows for North America and Europe/UK.

Both shows took place on Saturday the 19th of December and I bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale over a month ago.

Merchandise was also available with a signed book and signed poster also available. The poster being limited to just 50 worldwide.

As a collector of magic related collectables, I had to buy these additions I also believe it is a great way for artists to supplement their incomes currently during these difficult times.

As a performer, many are aware of Darcy due to his TV appearances on shows like Britain’s Got Talent.

Tickets were purchased via eventbrite and emails with joining instructions arrived in plenty of time.

Darcy should be proud of the show which had very high production values.

Filmed from a set/studio space that was able to accommodate some larger illusions, the show was mostly impressive but not without issues.

Main focus area has to be the interactive elements which is easily fixed. Some audience members were being selected more than once. Others selected and then not used. The material used for a couple of the interactive elements was also tired (sorry). Let’s just say, material that is being presented by a lot of artists in the same way.

However, this maybe the most ambitious Zoom show that I have seen with multiple cameras, lighting, graphics and music. A lot of work has obviously gone into the preparation with a full production team helping to support Darcy. It was presented like a TV viewing experience and they must have rehearsed a lot. They should be proud.

The set and large scale props altered throughout the show and provided lots of space for Darcy to work.

Presentation was generally smooth and technically was amazing. About 120 screens were viewing the show and as many screens had multiple viewers, I would guess that a few hundred watched this performance.

For fans of magic and Darcy, you certainly got your money’s worth. An enjoyable show that has to be recommended. It lasted just over an hour.

Certainly for those who do not see much magic performed and want to see magic normally performed on TV or stage, they will not be disappointed.

Darcy has a nice manner, relaxed and confidently talked to the camera. His set worked through sleight of hand, mentalism and card magic in addition to use of some larger props for bigger illusions throughout the show. A really polished performance from a big name in magic.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. Congratulations to Darcy and the production team on the presentation of such a complex show to be broadcast over Zoom.

Hopefully one day I will get to see Darcy perform live. In the meantime, a recommended Zoom show.

See below for full official write up used to advertise the show.


For the first time ever world renowned illusionist, and Britain's Got Talent finalist, Darcy Oake presents a virtual display of live, interactive illusions.

How it works:

The show takes place over Zoom. Once you purchase a ticket you will receive a confirmation email. Within this email is a personalized link which grants you access to the show. Make sure you have this link open 5 minutes before the show to join the stream.

During the performance your video will be live, however, your microphone will be muted. If your are selected to participate in the show your microphone will be unmuted, and you will be able to interact with Darcy in real time!

What do I need:

All that is required is decent internet connection!

Show Duration:

60 minutes Family friendly 1 ticket per household / device

To download Zoom Click Here


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