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Day 1 (Fri 17-Feb) BMC Gallery

A few pictures for you without commentary. Such a brilliant day. Thanks to all for pictures, signed cards and your time.

The shows in the evening were brilliant. Highlights were the witch appearing at the Gala show. Romany and the Jay & Joss shows were also excellent.

The witch was scary but very funny. Romany's show is hilarious, and she was so funny and talented. Jay & Joss - wow. Great tech and stage illusions.

When I phoned my wife Nadine (and daughter Amelia), I was so excited that I could hardly get my words out. And this was just day 1 of BMC.

Pics are Fay Presto, the Witch, Romany x 2, gala line up pic, Jay & Joss, Craig Petty, Eric Chien, Mario The Maker stage, Wayne Trice and Jamie Allan.

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