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Elliot Bibby Interview

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Thanks to Elliot for joining us this week for a chat.

Elliot is an established act, regularly appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe every year and a master of live performance. Associate member of the magic circle with silver star with many TV and theatre performances.

Adapting to the challenges of lockdown, Elliot has been embracing and advertising Zoom Magic shows successfully and adapting to this new medium. Offering private shows for families, friends and bespoke corporate shows.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Elliot, take a look at his website to see his services, contact and book.

MagicSeats - How are you Elliot and how have you kept busy over the last few months during lockdown?

Elliot - I’m doing ok thanks, I hope you’re well? I’ve been kept as busy as ever, (maybe even busier than normal) over the last few months of lockdown!

I pivoted my performing, from performing in the flesh at weddings, corporate stage gigs, and Fringe Festivals, to performing online via video technology. Lockdown has also given me the time to reconnect with other professionals and I’m currently working on 2 big projects for the end of 2021, which is exciting.

MagicSeats - That's great. Glad to hear that things have been so busy, The 2 big projects sound exciting.

How have you adapted to the business challenges of lockdown while continuing to work as a magician?

Elliot - As I mentioned, I’ve been continue to perform a lot via video technology, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WEBEX. Initially I had to learn how to use all of the new software but it’s been great fun. I knew that I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing otherwise my business would struggle.

MagicSeats - Technology can of course be great and can bring with it new challenges. What are your views on artists who embrace the technology available to deliver magic online?

Elliot - I’m all for it just now. I think it shows creativity from the artist to be able to make that change, and adapt to the new technology and surroundings. I’ve managed to take my original material and adapt it to an online platform. This is because I built it from the ground up anyway, so know where I can change or tweak certain elements of the routine for it to apply.

MagicSeats - What have the reactions and feedback been like from audiences if you ever perform on Zoom?

Elliot - The reactions have been great. I’ve had a lot of praise from clients that have booked me previously and have also seen my Zoom show.

MagicSeats - With social distancing and lockdown, how do you think it will affect how you perform live in the future and how do you plan to adapt?

Elliot - I’ve had to adapt my working sets and material in my shows so that it is contactless. I’m the type of performer though, that likes to get the audience involved as much as possible so it’s been quite a challenge.

MagicSeats - It must be difficult for anyone currently wishing to get into magic. What advice would you give anyone wishing to get into performing magic as either a hobby or professionally?

Elliot - Absolutely go for it. Magic is such a great art form to learn. When learning I highly recommend reading books. That way you imagine the trick/routine in your head and come up with your own style. Compared to watching a video or YouTube video and copying how the performer does it.

MagicSeats - That makes sense about the reading and being able to put your own style on the performance. What does the future hold for you? Any exciting plans that you can share?

Elliot - I’ll be getting back on stage ASAP and performing at festivals around the world. I’ve got a couple of projects that I’m working on for the end of 2021 which I can’t talk about right now.

MagicSeats - Thanks for your time today Elliot. The future plans sound interesting and you will have to keep us posted!


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