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Elliot Bibby - New Show Announcement "Leftover Lunch"

Elliot is now advertising his new show. This just happens to be down the road from me, so I could be tempted.

Official write up below.

15:55, on the 17 - 20 AUG

I'll be debuting my brand new family magic show 'LEFTOVER LUNCH' at the Assembly Festival Garden, in association with Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 this August.

If you're around the area or have friends/family close by then tag them below - you can find out more details here:

The show is perfect for the whole family!

Being an International, multi-award-winning Magician means performing at all times of the day – on stage or online.

This often means that Elliot must fit his lunch in wherever he can - including during this captivating, family magic show.

Through Elliot’s inimitable skill and seamless delivery this is a show full of laughs and surprises which promises to reveal the magic that an everyday lunchbox hides!

Join him for a real treat in this show that’s suitable for all ages - and appetites!



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