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Eventbrite- Magic at the Barn

As Zoom Magic continues to grow in popularity, it is worth checking out the eventbrite website. Apps are also available.

The site has many online events which it is promoting. Searching the online Shows with keywords like magician is bringing up a lot of choices worldwide.

Ive just discovered another UK Zoom show that I have bought tickets for - “Magic at the Barn”. Below is the advertising text from Eventbrite in case of interest.

Whats interesting about this event is that as well as interactive Zoom tickets, cheaper tickets to just stream live on YouTube are also available. Magic at the Barn -

“Live award-winning magic, illusion, interactive impossibilities, comedy and entertainment broadcasted direct from the stage of a 17th century barn theatre. Featuring the conjuring feats of Oliver Tabor, magic and comedy from Wayne Trice with variety acts across the UK plus interactive magic through your screen!

A wonder-filled way of witnessing wizardy over the web.”



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