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New: Natalia Love interview coming Friday 03-Nov

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Updated 31-Oct

We are really looking forward to sharing our latest interview with you this Friday (03-Nov).

Keep an eye out for this interview when we get to chat with magician and ventriloquist Natalia Love.

Natalia Love is a talented magician who works within the corporate space as a solo artist and as part of Chicks 'n' Tricks - the female magical super group. Also known for working with the "iMagician" - Jamie Allan as his lead assistant and company manager.

And as if that wasn't enough, Natalia is also a successful children's entertainer and ventriloquist called "Nutty Natty", working with Charlie and other puppets. A very familiar face within the magic industry, Natalia is also a dancer and fitness instructor.

Natalia is in huge demand with many exciting future plans. And... we have managed to get an exciting exclusive that is only shared with us in our forthcoming interview.

Read more - this Friday.

To learn more about Natalia or to book her services, please visit the following sites:

Natalia Love website

Natalia Love FaceBook

Natalia Love Instagram

Natalia Love contact

Nutty Natty website

Nutty Natty FaceBook

Chicks "N" Tricks website

iMagician website



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