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Favourite Vlog Cards Reviews To Date

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

With lots of decks of cards already reviewed, it seems like a good time to review highlights and lowlights of the cards that I have reviewed to date.

For all my card reviews to date, check out my Vlog page here. At the time of writing, 16 vlogs are available and a couple more to be posted.

My favourite card deck for the design has to be the Neil Patrick Harris deck with Theory 11. Closely followed by the Bicycle Architectural deck and the Grid Series 3. The bicycle Black Tiger deck also being a favourite.

The Neil Patrick Harris design is special and I love the fact that a puzzle is also contained within the deck to try and solve. However, the detail is so small, I think I need glasses!

The architectural bikes are just amazing. Each card has a different design and a lot of time has gone into the card design. The Black Tiger decks also just looks amazing and different from my other cards.

The only cards I was slightly disappointed with were the Star Wars light and dark side decks. Despite different designs on the tuck boxes and backs of the two decks, the design of the front of the cards was the same on both decks. Missed opportunity I think.

My collection of cards is gradually growing. A new Vlog post is currently released every weekend and a cardistry page also exists to provide further photos. However, the current run of Vlog reviews will end with Vlog 18.

I continue to buy cards and will post about purchases in my blog posts. A further series of Vlog videos may happen in the future.

My latest decks include the Kickstarter Aqua deck and a Bicycle Dragon blue deck. Certainly potential exists for more reviews soon.


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