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Funny Bald Guy - Harris Fellman

Harris is advertising more shows online via Zoom.

Until May, he is currently organising 2 shows a month. Only 15 screen tickets available for each performance. Strictly limited to allow interaction with audiences.

Upcoming shows include the 14th and 28th of March.

See eventbrite for show start times and tickets.

FunnyBaldGuy, Harris Fellman, presents...

Stupid. Funny. Magic.

Each show is filled with seeminglyimpossible magic, hilarious humor,and the world's only mind-reading llama that will make you pee your pants with laughter before absolutely blowing your mind! (So, it's a good thing you're watching from home...)

  • What time is the show?

The show starts on Sunday at 2PM EST and will run for a little over an hour. It's 11AM in California, 1PM in Minnesota, 2PM in Florida, 7PM in the UK, and 8PM in most of Europe.

  • How much are tickets?

Tickets are $14 per "screen". This means that one ticket admits everyone from your household, all watching together on one screen. Attendance is limited just 15 tickets per show to ensure that everyone is able to participate and interact.

  • What should I expect?

Expect to laugh hard! This is a comedy magic show with a 'comedy first' approach - but don't think I've forgotten about the magic. You'll still be amazed!You'll experience Visual, Interactive, and In-Your-Hands magic. This means you will either: watch the magician, guide the magician, become the magician.


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