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Got Talent Updates - AGT and BGT

AGT was back on Netflix UK for episodes 21 and 22. The last of the semi finals. Along with BGT on ITV in the UK.

For AGT, a number of magicians performed tonight and included Max Major, Brett Loudermilk and Jonathan Goodwin. So, 11 acts performing in total with only 5 spaces for acts to go through to the final.

Max Major performed first on the stage in front of the judges with a roulette wheel and poker chips. A mentalist routine of chance. Judges reactions were mixed and claimed it was a confusing act. Though Heidi was very complimentary. View here.

Jonathan Goodwin performed on the backlot, hanging 60 foot from the ground. Two cranes held a zip line and Jonathan had to get from one side to the other. However, he was tied up by his hands and padlocked with the ropes that hold him on the zip line actually on fire. Then to up the stakes, he is unable to go past the midway point on the zip line until he has escaped. And to cap it all off he was riding the zip line with his teeth! A very dangerous act and judges comments were positive. A rare act that you felt really was dangerous. I was impressed. View here.

Brett Loudermilk performed last. His act was on the stage in front of the judges. At best this was an odd act. On stage with him was Howie (instead of Sofia). After a series of choices, eliminating pictures of objects, the chosen object was revealed as being in Bretts stomach, using an endoscope. The feedback was mixed and you can view here.

The results show featured Colin McCloud. This act was really impressive. I have no idea how he managed this feat but somehow after getting the judges to use crystal pendants on chains that they hung from one hand, he managed to think of a place object or song that they were thinking of.

Results wise, none of the magicians got through to the final. I had hoped Jonathan Goodwin would get through.

Appearing on the latest version of BGT in the UK this week we had Magical Bones as the only magician Still my vote to win the series and hopefully will get through to the final.

The performance just made me more excited for the live show tickets that I have to see him perform next year.

He looked the part and was confident in his delivery. Combining his dancing into the act and performing a big illusion routine, I was impressed. A follow up to the previous BGT performance which was again inspired by Henry Box Brown. This time, recreating one of his illusions with and Magical Bones twist. View here.

Judges comments were also really positive. The result being that Magical Bones was voted by the judges through to the final.



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