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Got Talent Updates - BGT

With AGT now finished for the series, BGT still continued with the last of the semi finals which was shown on ITV on the 3rd Oct.

BGT had two magicians perform in the fifth and last semi final. The finals being next week. We had 11 year old magician Aidan McCann and Hakan Berg.

Both acts were really confident and entertaining.

Hakan was up first. As a comedy magician, his act was focused on his King of Birds act. Really funny and a very talented magician. View here. My daughter really likes him.

Aidan was also excellent. A very entertaining act and mainly worked with David for this performance. I was impressed with his act. View here.

At the end of the show, we discovered the judges favourite three acts of the night. Unfortunately, neither magical act got through to the judges top 3. They will now be in the public vote.


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