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Got Talent Updates - BGT Final

The BGT final took place this weekend on Saturday the 10th of October.

This article contains spoilers and links to the acts performances.

We already knew that Magical Bones was performing in the final but the surprise was when we discovered that 4 other magicians had also made it through to the final.

So we had Magical Bones, Aidan McCann, Jasper Cherry, Damien O’Brien and James/Dylan Piper.

Aidan was up first and was in the studio this time. His performance was really confident and he worked with David during his routine. Positive judges comments with all enjoying his performance. View here.

Damien was the second magician. His act was amazing and he was greeted with positive comments as well. All I can say really is wow! A combination of card magic and working with Amanda‘s phone. Very clever the way Amanda‘s phone was revealed. I have no idea how he did it. Just brilliant. View here.

Third up was Magical Bones who is a favourite of mine. Combining his dancing and magic, the performance was amazing. The same way that Damien had blown my mind, so did magical bones. Lots of positive judges comments. I‘ve seen lots of disappearing acts but this was different. Disappearing with the box and reappearing in it elsewhere in the studio. Hopefully he will perform that trick when I get to see him live next year. View here.

Next up was father and son act James and Dylan Piper. Much effort and planning had gone into this act and they did well. A few surprises throughout the performance. View here.

The last magician was Jasper Cherry. Another confident performance by a young magician with a big future ahead. A good performance that held your interest and gained good comments/feedback. View here.

Out of the five performers, my favourite acts had to be Bones and Damien, closely followed by Aidan as well. However, all the acts did really well and impressed me.

With so much magic talent in this country and interest in the subject, all we need now is BGT magic spin off!



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