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Happy Christmas From Magic Seats

Happy Christmas from MagicSeats.

Have a wonderful Happy Christmas and an enjoyable break. Hoping that we all have a better 2021 with lots of opportunities to view live and perform magic.

Thanks to all for your support, kind comments and loyalty following this site.

The opportunity to build and run this site along with my passion for magic has opened lots of doors this year. Lots of new friendships made with equal minded people. Looking forward to sharing site plans for 2021. Lots of ideas in development.

A big thank you to all the artists/magicians who have also supported this site with interviews and help with content and promoting. Appreciated.

Lastly, thanks to my wife Nadine for carrying out some editor tasks to support site reviews and interviews.

Until the New Year, I expect magic related news will be a bit quiet. I will still blog but maybe less news and posts compared to the norm. Full service will then resume in the New Year.

For fans of Richard Jones, Ben Hart and Marc Spelmann, don’t forget to catch Britain’s Got Talent for your Magic fix.

Christmas Day on ITV and STV.


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