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Harris Fellman (aka Funny Bald Guy) - Online Show

The trailer for this show looks like it will be good. Certainly, Harris seems energetic so looks fun.

The online show is in the 10th of October.

View eventbrite here for details and your local show times.

In the UK starting at 1900 with opportunity to log on from 1845.

For the tickets, you can pay what you want. The site makes suggestions. I will of course write up a review.

The write up for the show is as follows and includes a trailer.

FunnyBald Guy, Harris Fellman, presents...

The 10-10-10 Virtual Magic Show.

The magic performed in this show is not even possible to do in any other format (not stage, not in person, not on YouTube, not even on TV).

Not only is it a highly interactive (and funny af) magic show, but each attendee is asked to prepare some items before the show so the magic happens in their hands (yes, really).

The show's comedy, magic tricks, and pacing are all designed for adults (I perform a lot of this stuff for my corporate clients.)

HOWEVER, children 10 and up will still have a good time as well! So, feel free to watch together with your family if you'd like... or send the kids to bed and have all the fun yourself.

No matter what happens - you'll be left scratching your head and the laughs are guaranteed. You'll be talking about this for months!


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