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House Of Secrets: Noel Qualter

Tickets are now available for Noel Qualter.

£12.50 a ticket on the 11-May at 1930

At The House Of Secrets in Blackpool.

Book here.

Noel Qualter is The iPad Magician. He specialises in combining centuries old sleight of hand with cutting edge technology utilising iPads and phones. Noel has been a pro magician for over 20 years and is proud to be a Member of the Inner Magic Circle (only 300 members worldwide). He’s performed in 20 countries around the world including several performances in Hollywood and Las Vegas. He’s performed for royalty and amazed celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Mariah Carey. Noel is known in magic as an innovator. He has won the prestigious Magic Circle Originality Prize three times, more than any other performer and in 2021 Noel won the US TV show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, managing to fool the legends duo. The prize is being the closing act at one of Penn & Teller’s shows at the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas. But his first stop is the Las Vegas of the UK, and this evening he’ll be amazing you at the House of Secrets.


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